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November 5, 2023
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WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA is undoubtedly one of the best modifications that exist today, and few modifications have so many extra options, whether for customization, privacy, security and other extra features.

It must be said that WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA is based on Delta YoWhatsApp, which is already a plus of quality, since any modification that carries the prefix Delta we know that it will work perfectly, with constant updates and new features.


As we have already mentioned, WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA is based on Delta YoWhatsApp, which in turn is based on Fouad WhatsApp, so we are talking about a remod of a remod, whose developer adds in each new update even more extra features.

In case you’re wondering, within the application we will find all the customization features, privacy, security and extra features that we can expect from this type of applications, I would even say that more than expected, so sometimes you can get lost between so many extra option.

The main features that we can find in WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA are:

  • Selection between several types of themes: light, dark, custom and transparent.
  • Custom emojis and fancy texts to add to statuses and chats.
  • Custom icons.
  • Customization of virtually any visual element.
  • Privacy and Security.
  • Theme Store.
  • Airplane mode or DND, to leave WhatsApp without internet connection and not be disturbed.
  • Instagram-like statuses.
  • Personalized search.
  • All the features of Fouad WhatsApp and Delta YoWhatsApp.
  • And much more…

What’s New WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA 5.2.2F

As always its developer with each new update of DELTA WhatsApp ULTRA, in addition to the typical bug fixes and performance improvements, adds quite a few new features, some of them exclusively, so that we will only find them in this modification.

The full list of what’s new in WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA 5.2.2F is as follows:

  • Version 5.2.2F:
    • [Base] New version
    • [Added] MINIMA HOME UI
    • [Added] Grid Conversations (BETA – UNSTABLE)
    • [Added] Instagram View & Favorites
    • [Fixed] some mentioned bugs
    • [Added] All Fouad & Delta YoWa features
    • [Misc] More fixes and improvements in DELTA WhatsApp ULTRA.
  • Version 5.2.1:
    • [Base] New version
    • [Added] Mark as read within chat
    • [Added] New UI navigation bar
    • [Added] BETA reactions menu enabled
    • [Added] All Fouad & Delta YoWa features
    • [Improved] Send media in improved HD
    • [Misc] More fixes and improvements in Delta WhatsApp ULTRA
  • Version 5.2.0F:
    • [Base] Base FM v9.81
    • [Added] New reactions menu
    • [Added] All latest Fouad & Delta YoWa options
    • [Misc] More fixes and improvements in Delta WhatsApp ULTRA!
  • Version 5.1.2F EXT:
    • [Extended] Anti-expiration version.
    • [Misc] More fixes and improvements!
  • Version 5.1.2F:
    • [Base] New version
    • [Added] Custom Icons
    • [Fixed] Fix some bugs
    • [Misc] More fixes and improvements in Delta WhatsApp ULTRA
  • Version 5.1.2E:
    • [Added] Know when message was deleted
    • [Added] Preview customization for chat screen
    • [Added] New text input styles
    • [Extended] Expiration time extended
    • [Fixed] Other bugs fixed
  • Version 5.1.0:
    • [Added] New button styles filed
    • [Added] Anti-edit messages
    • [Added] HD Media & Status
    • [Improved] Improved translations
    • [Fixed] Status preview notification
    • [Fixed] Dividing line & color
  • Version 5.0.3F2:
    • [Added] See what the message was before it was edited
    • [Added] Two color card line
    • [Fixed] Small bugs
    • [Misc] More fixes and improvements in Delta WhatsApp ULTRA
  • Version 5.0.3F:
    • [Base] Version
    • [Added] Multiply messages when forwarding
    • [Added] Drawer v2 & v3
    • [Added] Device info in Drawer
    • [Added] Header Style v3
    • [Added] New customizable search bar
    • [Added from] New bubbles and ticks
    • [Added] Style of config. profile & about changeable
    • [Added] Changeable texts like; “online, phone number, group creation date” and more (visual only)
    • [Added] Increased expiration date
    • [Added] Status with max. quality
    • [Added] Adjusted app interface colors
    • [Fixed] Bug “wa.me/settings.”
    • [Fixed] Other bugs and details in Delta WhatsApp ULTRA
  • Version 5.0.2:
    • [Added] HOME CURVE OLD & SIMPLE V2
    • [Added] Filter chats
    • [Added] Fakechat in groups
    • [Added] Improved delete for all
    • [Enabled] Some hidden functions
    • [Improved] Some basic options
    • [Fixed] Some bugs and Crashes reported in Delta WhatsApp ULTRA
  • Version 5.0.0:
    • [Base] Version
    • [Added] Improved anti-ban
    • [Added] Anti-Expiration
    • [Added] HOME ONE UI v2
    • [Added] Gradient bubbles
    • [Added] Multi-account
    • [Added] Quality improvement in media upload
    • [Added] Search bar
    • [Added] More story styles
    • [Added] Long click encrypted message
    • [Added] Fancy Text and Emoticon in status
    • [Added] Send Secret Message (Settings >> Customize >> Extra Features)
    • [Added] Animations for main screen, conversations and emojis
    • [Added] Hide and change color of up/down message icons in conversation
    • [Added] New input style
    • [Added] New header bar style
    • [Added] Custom icons for FAB
    • [Added] Cards for main screens
    • [Added] Profile border
    • [Added] Auto reply when mentioned in group
    • [Added] Counter background on chat screen
    • [Improved] Translations
    • [Fixed] Known issues from previous versions
    • [Removed] Temporarily some visuals
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements in WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA

How to Install WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA

If you want to install WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA for the first time on your Android device, you have to follow a series of important, but really simple steps that we explain below:

  1. Make a backup of your chats (Menu > Settings > Chats > Backup and click on “Save”).
  2. Uninstall the WhatsApp or Modification you have installed (best from Google Play)
  3. Enable the option to install applications from unknown sources. Depending on the version of Android:
    • Android 4.1 to 7: Enable the option “Install from Unknown Sources” or ” Unknown Sources”. It is usually in Phone Settings > Security.
    • Android 8 or higher: Go to Device Settings > Applications. Here we look for the application from where we are going to install the downloaded APK, any device manager, and in advanced settings we click on Install applications from unknown sources and activate the option. NOTE: Clicking on the APK to install also gives us the possibility to go to settings to activate this option.
  4. Download the latest version available depending on where you want to install WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA (main number: com.whatsapp or secondary: other APK)
  5. Click on the downloaded APK or package and follow the typical installation steps, such as verify number, restore backup, select profile picture and enter name.
  6. Finally, when it asks you how often you want to send backups to Google Drive, select Never.

If what you want is to update WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA to the latest version available, the steps are simpler, simply download the same package or APK that you have installed on your device and click on it, no need to uninstall or verify anything.

To find out the name of the package you have installed on your device, follow the steps below:

  • Open WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA
  • At the top, click on the menu button (depending on the interface you have, it can be 3 dots vertically or your profile picture)
  • Go to Settings > Help > App Info.
  • Here look under “Package” for the name of the package you have installed.

Download WhatsApp Delta ULTRA 2023

To download WhatsApp DELTA ULTRA in its latest version of 2023, we have up to 4 packages or APKs; the com.whatsapp package we will download to install the modification as the main number of our WhatsApp account, while the other packages we will use as secondary or extra numbers.

Here are the links to the latest version 5.2.2F:

Download WhatsApp Delta ULTRA

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