Instander 11.2: A brilliant Instagram modification

Instander is a modification of Instagram that gives you extra features such as downloading photos, videos and stories, being in incognito mode, blocking ads and much more. It’s a good option for those who are looking for “something more” than what the original application offers.

This modification is fully developed by Dmitry Gavrilov (thedise), and although it is not as popular as other Instagram modifications, such as InstaUltra or Insta Aero, we can say that its constant updates make it one of the most important options to consider, with many extra features.

Instander's main image


From the Instander settings we can access all its extra features, which are

  • Download: Notifications, Split media by username and Download folder.
  • Privacy: Disable ads and analytics.
  • Feed: We can configure the main feed of photos and videos with Hide liked posts, Auto-play videos, Recommended friends, In-app Browser, Swipe to navigate and Photos in maximum quality.
  • Direct: Mark direct messages as unread and Disable typing status in Direct.
  • Stories: Don’t mark stories as seen and Don’t crop stories.
  • Verification: Here you can get a verification badge for your account with Information and Means to donate.
  • About mod.


News Instander 11.2

The complete and official list of what’s new in Instander 11.2 is as follows:

  • Version 11.2:
    • Fixed crash Instander Settings on many device;
    • Added Fullscreen stories.
  • Version 11.1:
    • Re-added “Unmutual Followers”;
    • Fixed Modern font (Cyrillic: Д, Л, Ё);
    • Remade StoryQuality;
    • Remade IGTVQuality;
    • Disabled information about Covid-19;
    • Removed the info button in “Unmutual Followers”;
    • Added small easter egg;
    • Many fixes and optimizations.
  • Version 11.0:
    • Rebase to Instagram;
    • Added activation “Instander Reels”;
    • Added new font (last on the list);
    • Added “Translation of comments”;
    • Removed Unmutual Followers. (Due to the large limitation of accounts. I don’t want to take responsibility for this);
    • Removed “Fullscreen Stories”;
    • Removed “Don’t crop Stories”;
    • Fixed install on Android 5.1;
    • Many fixes and optimizations.
  • Version 10.0:
    • Rebase to Instagram;
    • Added Unmutual Followers. Launch by long pressing on the activity tab. After the first launch, read the information from the tooltip in the upper right corner;
    • Added “Hide view Live Stream”;
    • Added “Stories autoplay with sound”;
    • Added Monobank to donation menu;
    • Removed Privat24 in donation menu;
    • Removed PayPal in donation menu;
    • Redesign Instander Menu;
    • Many fixes and optimizations.
  • Version 9.2:
    • Indicator FollowsYou;
    • Set path to downoad folder;
    • Rework improving photo quality;
    • Refinement of the quality of stories;
    • Redesign of the verification menu;
    • Redesign of the acknowledgement menu;
    • Forced portrait orientation of Instander settings;
    • Fixed photo quality;
    • Optimization and code cleaning.
  • Version 7.1:
    • Added hiding liked post;
    • Added video auto-play toggle;
    • Added hiding recommended friends;
    • Added swipe to navigation;
    • Hidden toasts “Latest version” and “Error” when entering the application with OTA enabled;
    • Fixed AdsFree errors;
    • Fixed max width in feed;
  • Version 7.0:
    • Rebase to Instagram;
    • Added stories improving quality (12 Mbps);
    • Added available Instagram music;
    • Added Splunk Mint (Crashlytics);
    • Added photo improving quality (95% JPEG);
    • Added “Ghost Mode”;
    • Added auto check OTA update;
    • Fix RTL download button;
    • Fixed Don’t Read Direct ;
    • Fixed Verify info;
    • Fixed Threads in profile;
    • Disable Covid Hub;
    • Remake Download dialog;
    • Removed: “FollowsYou”, “Clickable Links”, “Selectable bio”, “Copy Comments”, “Mark as read”, “Hide liked posts”, “Auto play”, “Recommended friends”.
  • Version 6.0:
    • Rebase to Instagram;
    • Added download avatars on long tap;
    • Remake swipe navigation;
    • Fixed download this pic;
    • New meme font (Chalkboard SE Bold);
    • Added “Mark as read” to notify;
    • Added welcome message;
    • Added download IGTV;
    • Verify info now on Web-page;
    • Fixed default states;
    • Fixed PayPal item;
    • Added and updated: Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Kazakh, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek

Download Instander

There are 2 different packages to download Instander; the com.instagram package, with which we will install the application with our Official Instagram account, so we will have to uninstall it first, and the com.instander package with which we will be able to install the application together with the official application.

Download Instander > com.instagram (Original) | com.instander (Clone)

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