dYowa v61, another great iPhone style WhatsApp MOD and MP3 Player

dYowa is a WhatsApp MOD that is beginning to be very popular, thanks to its particular design WhatsApp style for iPhone and be based on Delta YoWhatsApp, being very original, which makes it one of the most interesting modifications to install on our Android device.

And is that WhatsApp MODs with iPhone style are becoming very popular lately, and with dYowa we have 3 interesting options to choose from, along with WhatsApp Material D2 by Richar Correa, another original modification, and Fouad iOS WhatsApp, based on the popular Fouad WhatsApp.

dYowa image


The 3 main features that differentiate dYowa from other modifications are its originality, its iOS style and, above all, that it includes an MP3 player. If we add to all this that we can customize with themes, as well as modify colors and fonts, we have something really unique.

image with the main features of dYowa

As for privacy we have all the options imaginable in dYowa, such as hide online status, hide see messages or states, hide blue ticks, anti delete messages or states, etc. And all the privacy we can configure it if we want in a general way or by chats or groups.

Chat on dYowa

And of course you also have many other extra options, such as the ability to send images at maximum resolution or send more than 10 images at once, which is the stable limit in the original WhatsApp for Android application, increase the number of re-submissions (not advisable), etc.

What’s new in dYowa v61

With the latest version of dYowa 2021, version 61, we will find many new features exclusively, as is usual with this modification. But we will also find many bug fixes and improvements, which indicates the constant development of the application.

dYowa v61

The complete list of new features in dYowa v61 is as follows:

  • Version 61:
    • [Added] More Expired Date
    • [Added] Second Primary Colors (Overall Colors – Second Primary)
    • [Added] Quick Message modern home
    • [ReAdded] Privacy Message (Mod+ – Plus)
    • [Added] Hide Archived row (Home – Home Styles – Archived Message)
    • [Added] Gradient color for archived row
    • [Added] Change archived row styles (5 Styles)
    • [Added] Border color for archived
    • [Added] Hide archived counter
    • [Added] Custom counter for archived
    • [Added] Shadow for archived style
    • [Fixed] OneUI Style
    • [Fixed] IG Stories when activated
    • [Fixed] Call Privacy
    • [Fixed] Translation
    • [Fixed] Toast duration
    • [Fixed] Colors selection
  • Version 60:
    • [Added] Base Update to
    • [Added] New options to download story (copy caption, share, etc.)
    • [Added] Option to hide Privacy terms notice msg (Universal > Hide Privacy msg). You can hide it without accepting.
    • [Added] Change status row
    • [Added] Change calls row
    • [Added] Change contacts row
    • [Added] Gradient colors row
    • [Added] New actionbar
    • [Added] Menu like whatsapp ori
    • [Redesigned] Settings ui
    • [Added] Some options like dYoWA old version
    • [Fixed] “Copy caption” from long press to download options
    • [Fixed] contact name not showing clearly in caption mention
    • [Fixed] themes wallpaper not applying on some phones
    • [Fixed] YoWA Entry not taking background color
    • [Fixed] Backup not found
    • [Fixed] full backup not working on Android 11+
    • [Improved] Other translations
    • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements
  • Version 59:
    • [Added] Expired date
    • [Added] New menu options
    • [Fixed] Minor bugs
  • Version 58:
    • Added Expired date until june
    • Added Notepad for whatsapp
    • ReAdded Log
    • Added New settings options
    • Added Second Home
    • Added New home styles
    • Added New icons night mode
    • Redesigned Settings menu
    • Redesigned Home menu
    • Redesigned Music
    • Fixed Some icons
    • Fixed little more
  • Version 57:
    • Added New ig stories styles
    • Added IOS home Style
    • Added Colors for ig stories
    • Added New settings menu
    • Added New equalizer music with menu
    • Added Some options and movements
    • Fixed IG Stories
    • Fixed Status custom not working in clone package
    • Fixed Ios tab indicator
    • Fixed little more
  • Version 56:
    • Added VIP Prime (Check on Settings)
    • Added VIP Features
    • Added VIP Badge
    • Added Transparent Themes
    • Added Music Visualizer (Home – Music & Drawer – Visualizer)
    • Added Change visualizer color
    • Added Hide visualizer
    • Added List animations (status, call and contact)
    • Added Change background color IG Stories
    • Added Gradient color for background IG Stories
    • Added Change border color IG Stories
    • Added Change round IG Stories
    • Added Now you can check settings about for more info updates, credits and groups
    • Redesigned Settings
    • Fixed Transparent home
    • Fixed Settings styles
    • Fixed little more
  • Version 55:
    • Added Music Equalizer with 5band and bass booster
    • Added New fancy text with 54 Styles Text
    • Added Drawer Theme
    • Added Music Theme
    • ReAdded Forward limit up to 250 peoples
    • Improve Music Player
    • Redesign Some style
    • Fixed settings error
    • Fixed title music shakes
    • Fixed More..
  • Version 54.1:
    • Added New home style (home – header – Home Styles)
    • Fixed Modern entry when reply message
    • Fixed Popup message
    • Fixed Some entry chat
    • Fixed OneUi style
    • Fixed more..
  • Version 54:
    • Added Changes home styles (5 Styles)
    • Restyles dYowa
    • ReDesign dYowa Settings
    • ReDesign Home styles
    • Added New settings style
    • Added Toast settings (Home – Toast)
    • Added 2 New entry chat styles
    • ReAdded Preview live row settings
    • ReAdded Some options
    • Fixed Swipe back chat (working now)
    • And Fixing more..
  • Version 53:
    • Added Colouring archived row (Home – Home View – Archived)
    • Added Hide counter archived
    • Added Mention color (Home – List Row – Mention)
    • Added More option for archived row
    • Added 5 New entry styles
    • Added 2 New row styles
    • Redesigned Some settings and placement
    • ReAdded Some options
    • Fixed home
  • Version 52:
    • Added 5 New row styles
    • Added 10 New fonts styles
    • Added New settings style
    • Added Now archived home take row color
    • Added More theming option row color
    • Activated Some options
    • Correction Indonesian translation
    • Fixed more..
  • Version 51:
    • Added Falling Love
    • Added Love frame
    • Redesign Home style
    • Added Increase number of love
    • Added Motivation card
    • Added New row style
    • Fixed Click search crash
    • Fixed Online view
  • Version 50:
    • Added Fab menu
    • Added Menu Profile Card
    • Redesign Modern Style
    • Added 6 icons airplane for change it
    • Added 4 icons search for change it
    • Added 7 icons action menu for change it
    • Added New fonts
  • Version 49:
    • Added Voice changer for voice note (Chat-3 dots-Voice changer-Record voice note and send
    • Added Preview and confirm before sending sticker (Conversation-entry)
    • Added Option to delete downloaded emojis packs
    • Added Hide main fab
    • Added New home styles
    • Redesign IOS Ui
    • Redesign Home Ui
    • Redesign Main settings
    • ReAdded Forward settings
    • Added Change fab style
    • Added language portuguese
    • Added language malay
    • Added language spanish
    • Added language arabic
    • Added language russian
    • Added language french
    • Added language hindi
    • Added New tab
    • Added Unlimited delete message
    • Fixed slow messages sending in group
    • Fixed transparent theme
    • Fixed status black screen
    • Fixed more
  • Version 48:
    • Added Music Equalizer with 5band and bass booster
    • Added New fancy text with 54 Styles Text
    • Added Drawer Theming
    • Added Music Theming
    • ReAdded Forward limit up to 250 peoples
    • Improve Music Player
    • Redesign Some style
    • Fixed settings error
    • Fixed title music shakes
    • Fixed More..
  • Version 47:
    • Added List music from your phone
    • Added Control music
    • Improve IOS mode
    • Added Long click fab open settings
    • Added Long click create icon open dnd mode
    • Added Long click chat icon open unsave number
    • Fixed open app crash
    • Fixed dnd mode
    • Fixed crash for some device
    • Fixed More..
  • Version 46:
    • Base Update
    • Enabled Disappearing messages option
    • Added Blue Tick on Reply for Groups (It is automatically enabled with normal Blue tick on Reply option)
    • Added Quick social media
    • Added Load theme from ZIP file
    • Added Click on Status caption to copy
    • Added new UI for Copy selection of text from message bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Message Selection)
    • Added Redesign HomeUI
    • Added Advanced Search
    • Added new actionbar
    • Added new Custom Wallpaper UI(Conversation)
    • Added More features
    • Added More customization
    • Added Hide archived chat
    • Added Main menu
    • Fixed indonesian translations
    • Fixed android 5.1 & 6.0
  • Version 45:
    • Added Status maker
    • Added Text custom
    • Added Updated indonesian language
    • Fixed Open settings crash
    • Fixed White background
    • Fixed More..
  • Version 44:
    • Added Transparent theme style
    • Added New color picker style
    • Added New home style (Settings – Home)
    • Added Custom Toast (Online, status and profile)
    • Added Bulk Sender
    • Added Quick Replies
    • Added New fab chat
    • Added Auto forward
    • Added Message schedule
    • Added Message auto reply
    • Move New chat
    • Move Forward limit
    • Added Menu choice option
    • Added More customization
    • Added Online dot
    • Added Call rejection
    • Added Mention
    • Added Status text color
    • UP Redesign fab chat
    • UP Redesign quick chat
    • Fixed some error

How to Install dYowa

As in all WhatsApp MODs, to install dYowa for the first time we only have to follow a series of very simple steps that we comment below:

  1. Make a backup (Settings > Chats > Backup and click on “Save”).
  2. Uninstall WhatsApp or other modification that we have installed
  3. Activate the option “Install from unknown sources” or “Unknown sources”, depending on your device (Phone settings > Security).
  4. Download the package or APK you have chosen, depending on where you want to install.
  5. Click on the package to start the installation and follow the normal installation steps, such as verify number, restore backup, write nick…
  6. When the installation is finished, click on NEVER when we are asked how often to send backups to Google Drive.
  7. That’s it, we have finished the installation.

If instead we want to update dYowa to the latest version available, the steps are easier. We download the same package that we have installed on our Android device, click on it, and let it install, without the need to verify number or anything else.

Download dYowa 2021

To download dYowa 2021, in its latest version 61, we have up to 3 packages to install; the com.whatsapp is used to install as the main number of our eWhatsApp account, the other two we will use to install as extra numbers.

Here are the download links for the dYowa latest version:

Download dYowa v61 > com.whatsapp | com.yowhatsapp


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