WhatsApp gets very severe with third-party applications

WhatsApp has launched a week ago a fairly aggressive campaign against third-party applications as demonstrated with the temporary suspension of the accounts of users who were using WhatsApp Plus app. But now looks set to tighten their policies about this and will prohibit the accounts permanently.

It seems that the temporary closure of some user accounts by using third-party applications was only a warning, because now WhatsApp might be starting to permanently close the accounts of users who don’t fit to the rules, as the developer OsmDroid warns in his Google+ account.

According to this source, from WhatsApp is still warning that use alternative applications within their service may be dangerous, and taking a step further, it seems that could be closing permanently some users accounts that uses modified apps to use the instant messaging service app. The same developer that warns of what’s going, advised uninstall any app but the official.

Better to be cautious on this issue, because although to have an account again would not be impossible, it could cause some problems.