June 1, 2023
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MBWhatsApp, also known as Fouad iOS, is a WhatsApp MOD with iPhone style, which is probably the most popular with this style. And is that its user interface copies perfectly the user interface of WhatsApp for iPhone, being able to enjoy this feature in our Android device.

This modification is actually what is called a remod, ie, is based on another modification, more specifically in Fouad WhatsApp, so we will have all the features of the latter, in addition to all the features added exclusively by its developer in each new update.


It has hundreds of extra features over the original WhatsApp for Android, and is that we do not forget that this based on Fouad, inheriting all its features, plus others that are added exclusively.

Among all its customization features, privacy and even extra MBWhatsApp options, the following are worth mentioning:

  • Redesigning the Home iOS style
  • Hundreds of themes available for download from the same application.
  • State privacy and possibility to write up to 250 characters.
  • Emojis changer.
  • Allows you to use up to 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same device.
  • Allows to hide the notifications.
  • Allows to send any type of file up to 50MB.
  • Increase the limit of sending videos up to 700MB.
  • Possibility of not compressing the photos sent, so they do not lose quality.
  • Protect individual chats by password.
  • Hide status of our connection to contacts.
  • Multiple Privacy Options (any you can think of).
  • Edit the size, colour and type of the font.
  • Possibility to use filters before sending a photo or video.
  • Stickers available.
  • And much more that you will have to discover for yourself.

What’s new in MBWhatsApp 9.65

Here is the complete and official list of new features in MBWhatsApp 9.65:

  • Version 9.65:
    • [Added] Exclusive: Select color hex from an image (MB Preferences / Theme preferences)
    • [Added] Exclusive: Hide important details when sharing screenshots (Useful if you are a theme creator)
    • [Added] Exclusive: New Home screen style and Conversation style with Blur
    • [Added] Exclusive: See all the status of your contacts (Viewed and downloaded) ( Status dialog -> Show All status )
    • [Added] Exclusive: Translate captions in status
    • [Added] Exclusive: Edit a message before sending it (like some Telegram clients)
    • [Fixed] Sticker size
    • [Fixed] Status in profile
    • [Fixed] Error that caused crash in the conversations (
    • [Fixed] Others fixes in MBWhatsApp
    • [Fixed] Some fixes in the interface
  • Version 9.64:
    • [Fixed] Fixed Play Protect error
  • Version 9.63:
    • [Base] Updated to version (Fouad 9.63)
    • [Improved] Other Antiban
    • [Improved] Direct chat has been rewritten to prevent bans when writing to unsaved contacts (Not fully tested).
    • [Added] ption to enabled custom video player
    • [Enabled] Edit messages
    • [Added] FMBackup (Titanium) updated automatically daily
    • [Enabled] Proxy Settings (Settings > Storage and data > Proxy Settings)
    • [Enabled] Keep messages option when disappearing mode is active (Long press any message)
    • [Improved] Custom font
    • [Enabled] Undo deleted message for some devices
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes in MBWhatsApp
  • Version 9.54F2:
    • [Improved] Improved Anti-ban more than before
  • Version 9.54F:
    • [Improved] “Anti-ban” improved very much for now, should stop bans.
  • Version 9.54:
    • [Improved] Message sounds
    • [Fixed] Stock emojis
    • [Fixed] Other fixes
  • Version 9.53F:
    • [Improved] Send message to unsaved contact
    • [Improved] Notify read message
    • [Fixed] Quality image/video for some devices.
    • [Fixed] Restore Backup mod
    • [Fixed] Send message to unsaved contact
    • [Fixed] Gif provider
    • [Fixed] 5 minute status
    • [Fixed] Other fixes
  • Version 9.53:
    • [Fixed] Fixed know bugs
  • Version 9.52:
    • [Base] Updated to version
    • [Added] Exclusive: Know immediately if someone has read your message
    • [Added] Show status on home screen
    • [Added] Screen always on (MB preferences/other settings)
    • [Added] Read messages (Conversation/One tap message -> Read message)
    • [Added] Option to change the animations of the big hearts (Bubble & ticks option)
    • [Improved] Blur style in conversation
    • [Improved] Custom font
    • [Enabled] Undo deleted message (delete for me)
    • [Enabled] View status from contact info page
    • [Enabled] Sending caption with documents for all
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes in MBWhatsApp
  • Version 9.46 Fixed:
    • [Fixed] Message not supported (Document with Caption fixed).
  • Version 9.46:
    • [Added] Exclusive: Custom font (You can choose a font from your device storage) – MB Preferences/Universal/Styles -> Custom font / Bold.
    • [Fixed] Who blocked you.
    • [Fixed] Polls
    • [Fixed] Open profile activity (when you had a wallpaper applied)
    • [Fixed] Hide admin badge
  • Version 9.45:
    • [Added] Exclusive: More customization on call screen
    • [Added] Option to hide group filter icon
    • [Added] Disable one tap options
    • [Improved] WA Backups now moved to Storage/Documents folder
    • [Improved] Online privacy will work for all devices.
    • [Added] Preview Image/Video without saving to phone
    • [Added] WA Backups now created .zip file
    • [Added] Select default “translate to” language in convos (Mods > Universal > Settings). Less steps, Faster translation
    • [Added] Option to save after preview image/video (3-dot > save to gallery)
    • [Fixed] The background was not displayed when selecting blur style in the conversation
    • [Fixed] Contact name color
    • [Fixed] Conversation Sounds
    • [Fixed] Crash in Message Scheduler page on some phones
    • [Fixed] WA Backups now will stay even if whatsapp is uninstalled.
    • [Fixed] Interface fixes
    • [Fixed] Others fixes in MBWhatsApp
  • Version 9.41:
    • [Base] Fouad 9.41F –
    • [Added] Exclusive: Save messages (This will only open a conversation with your own number), Click Pencil icon -> Save messages
    • [Added] Exclusive: Tap a message to see some quick options (Messages must contain text)
    • [Added ]Exclusive: Know who is typing to you, through a floating notification (MBSettings/OnlineNotify Preferences -> Typing notifications)
    • [Added] Possibility to create Polls (Chats/attach menu -> Poll
    • [Added] On home screen, long press profile picture to see more options
    • [Added] Blur conversation style has been improved
    • [Enabled] Online privacy! You can choose who can see when you’re online. (Settings > Account > Privacy)
    • [Enabled] Leave groups secretly without all people knowing (only admins can see you left)
    • [Enabled] Admin can remove other people messages in group chats (only works when users on new base)
    • [Enabled] Ability to see past participants of groups (who left and when!)
    • [Added] Ability to share multiple images/videos/files at same time from chat to outside apps!
    • [Added] Option to block screenshots (Useful if you share your phone with other people)
    • [Added] Option to enable custom or auto colors for quoted messages
    • [Added] Option to replace the “More” title to “Edit”
    • [Fixed] Layout for users arabic has been fixed
    • [Fixed] Group Message counter in group info page
    • [Fixed] Go to first message
    • [Fixed] Lag in all MB Settings
    • [Fixed] View all person’s messages in group chat
    • [Fixed] Others fixes
    • [Fixed] Some fixes in the interface in MBWhatsApp
  • Version 9.35:
    • [Added] Exclusive: Custom Double Tap emoji for every chat (Chat > Call icon > Custom reaction)
    • [Added] Show notification for blocked calls due to calls privacy
    • [Added] Option to disable Double Tap to Like
    • [Added] Admin Indicator in groups
    • [Added] Custom Background Color for Text Status
    • [Added] Custom Text Color for Text Status
    • [Added] New way to show updates (BETA)
    • [Added] New pencil tool v2
    • [Added] New UI call
    • [Added] New font rounded
    • [Added] Added an option to hide the admin badge
    • [Added] Added an option to reduce lag in some activities
    • [Added] Added an option to disable bold fonts (useful if you want to use your system font)
    • [Added] Added an option to mute notifications from Who Blocked You
    • [Added] Added conversation style (to enable and disable Blur in entry and header)
    • [Improved] “Who can call me” settings. Deny options now auto disabled when set to “everyone”
    • [Fixed] Chat Counter for Arabic Users
    • [Fixed] Linked devices
    • [Fixed] Call details (name/time)
    • [Fixed] Some backgrounds were not set transparent when adding a wallpaper
    • [Fixed] Mention in conversation
    • [Fixed] Option to mute notifications from Who Blocked You
    • [Fixed] New messages could not be seen when replying to a message
    • [Fixed] Text input radius
    • [Fixed] Others fixes in MBWhatsApp

How to install or update

If you are going to install MBWhatsApp for the first time, then as in any other WhatsApp MOD you will have to follow a series of very simple steps:

  1. Make a backup of our chats (Settings > Chats > Backup and click on “Save”)
  2. Uninstall WhatsApp or the modification you have installed in the number where you are going to install MBWhatsApp.
  3. Activate the option “Install from unknown sources” or “Unknown sources”, sometimes it depends on your device. To do this go to Phone Settings > Security.
  4. Download the package or APK you want to install, depending on whether you are going to install it as main or secondary number.
  5. Click on the APK to start the installation and follow the usual installation steps, such as verifying number, granting permissions, restoring backup and writing our nick.
  6. Once the installation is finished, when asked about the frequency we want to upload backups to Google Drive, click on NEVER.

If instead you want to update MBWhatsApp, then the process is easier. Download the same package you have installed and click to start the installation, you won’t need to follow the installation steps, because it won’t ask for verification of number or other things.

It is very important that before updating MBWhatsApp you save the theme you have, if you have changed it from the original one. To do this go to Settings > MB Preferences > Themes, here click on the + button and then on “Save Theme”, give it a name and click on Confirm.

Download MBWhatsApp APK

To download MBWhatsApp APK in its latest version, we have at our disposal 2 packages; the package com.whatsapp to install as main number, and the package com.mbwhatsapp to install as extra number.

Finally we leave you the download links for the latest version of MBWhatsApp:

Download MBWhatsApp


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