MBWhatsApp 8.95F, the most wanted iPhone style WhatsApp MOD

MBWhatsApp, also known as Fouad iOS, is a WhatsApp MOD with iPhone style, which is probably the most popular with this style. And is that its user interface copies perfectly the user interface of WhatsApp for iPhone, being able to enjoy this feature in our Android device.

This modification is actually what is called a remod, ie, is based on another modification, more specifically in Fouad WhatsApp, so we will have all the features of the latter, in addition to all the features added exclusively by its developer in each new update.

MBWhatsApp image


It has hundreds of extra features over the original WhatsApp for Android, and is that we do not forget that this based on Fouad, inheriting all its features, plus others that are added exclusively.

image with the main image features of MBWhatsApp

Among all its customization features, privacy and even extra MBWhatsApp options, the following are worth mentioning:

  • Redesigning the Home iOS style
  • Hundreds of themes available for download from the same application.
  • State privacy and possibility to write up to 250 characters.
  • Emojis changer.
  • Allows you to use up to 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same device.
  • Allows to hide the notifications.
  • Allows to send any type of file up to 50MB.
  • Increase the limit of sending videos up to 700MB.
  • Possibility of not compressing the photos sent, so they do not lose quality.
  • Protect individual chats by password.
  • Hide status of our connection to contacts.
  • Multiple Privacy Options (any you can think of).
  • Edit the size, colour and type of the font.
  • Possibility to use filters before sending a photo or video.
  • Stickers available.
  • And much more that you will have to discover for yourself.

What’s new in MBWhatsApp 8.95F

Here is the complete and official list of new features in MBWhatsApp 8.95F:

  • Version 8.95F:
    • [Updated] Some translations for some languages
    • [Fixed] Fixed all issues with stickers
    • [Fixed] Fixed Message notifications
    • [Fixed] It is now possible to choose the other heading styles in the conversation
    • [Fixed] Fixed sticker icon in text input (not tested)
    • [Fixed] Some fixes in the interface
    • [Fixed] Other minor fixes in MBWhatsApp
  • Version 8.95:
    • [Added] New option added to hide the contact or group information, pressing for 2 seconds on the profile photo (if you don’t understand, a guide will appear when opening a conversation)
    • [Redesigned] Quick contact redesigned
    • [Added] Row sizer v2
    • [Improved] Message counter, now it will count all chats and groups, even if they are separated
    • [Improved] Conversation row will be adaptable by resizing itself
    • [Redesigned] The status view screen has been redesigned
    • [Redesigned] The contact and group information screens have been redesigned.
    • [Redesigned] The dialog for downloading a status has been redesigned
    • [Redesigned] Attach redesigned
    • [Redesigned] Download status dialog has been redesigned
    • [Redesigned] Reply interface has been redesigned
    • [Redesigned] Settings have been redesigned
    • [Improved] Many interface improvements
    • [Added] Now when you receive an update, you will be redirected to the package you have installed.
    • [Added] Option to hide message counter
    • [Added] Option to block WhatsApp Web
    • [Added] Option to always show archived chats
    • [Fixed] Couldn’t see the played audios in the main screen.
    • [Fixed] MB Preferences Fixed for android 5 (not tested)
    • [Fixed] Some fixes in the interface
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements in MBWhatsApp
  • Version 8.93F:
    • [Fixed] Viewing status in android 6
    • [Fixed] Some status screens did not support light or dark mode.
    • [Fixed] The option to send photos and videos in HD Removed for causing problems on some devices (We will improve it and add it soon in MBWhatsApp)
  • Version 8.93:
    • [Added] Chat counter within the conversation
    • [Added] A quick action menu has been added. This menu contains:
      • Just one click to help before delayed messages
      • Airplane Mode
      • Enable or Disable Last Seen
      • Switch to light / dark mode without losing the applied theme.
      • Auto reply
      • Scheduled messages
    • [Redesigned] The status view screen has been redesigned
    • [Redesigned] The contact and group information screens have been redesigned.
    • [Fixed] WhatsApp web feature has been replaced with Linked Devices
    • [Fixed] MB Preferences Fixed for android 5 (not tested)
    • [Fixed] Some fixes in the interface
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements in MBWhatsApp
  • Version 8.92.1:
    • [Added] Option to play status always with sounds (MB Preferences / Others Settings)
    • [Fixed] Double row of archived chats.
    • [Fixed] iOS sounds reversed.
    • [Fixed] Change the row size.
    • [Fixed] The emoji section did not appear when uploading a status
    • [Fixed] Microphone color
    • [Fixed] Some gray backgrounds were changed to a dark color.
    • [Removed] Ads removed.
    • [Fixed] Some fixes in the interface
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements in MBWhatsApp
  • Version 8.92 Beta 2:
    • [Fixed] IG Stories
    • [Fixed] Toast Status / Profile
    • [Fixed] The color of titles has been fixed when applying some light themes.
    • [ReAdded] Text Bomb
    • [Improved] The design of the Quick contact, view a status, etc. has been updated.
    • [Fixed] Sounds iOS
    • [Improved] It is no longer necessary to download the iOS emojis, we have applied it for you.
    • [Improved] The new theme dialog has been improved.
    • [Replaced] The revoked message icon has been replaced.
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements in MBWhatsApp
  • Version 8.92 Beta 1:
    • [Base]
    • [Added] Voice Speed 1x, 1.5x, 2x
    • [Added] View Image only once.
    • [Added] At the request of users, the date when receiving a new message will change color (by default blue, but it will change according to your preferred theme)
    • [Added] New dialog to choose the theme of your preference ( Light or Dark )
  • Version 8.89.3:
    • [Fixed] The signature that marked the application as Virus has been fixed.
    • [Fixed] All settings have been fixed.
  • Version 8.89.2:
    • [Added] New: Option to change the sound of sending and receiving messages
    • [Added] Hide SearchBar
    • [Added] Hide “New Group/Broadcast Lists”
    • [Improved] The design of some dialogs has been improved.
    • [Removed] Some functions have been removed for causing problems on some devices, it will be added again in the next updates.
    • [Fixed] The error when saving the screenshot has been fixed
    • [Fixed] Splitter Video
    • [Fixed] Fixed icons not showing when making a call.
  • Version 8.89.1:
    • [Fixed] Crash Status/Profile toast
    • [Fixed] Contact info
    • [Fixed] other small bugs.
  • Version 8.89:
    • [Added] New Plugin for Voice Speed (use it if you want)
    • [Added] New option for Tabs manager, Hide titles and show only icons (Beta)
    • [Added] Auto Reply Message
    • [Added] Scheduler Message
    • [Added] Option to capture and save a screenshot
    • [Added] New floating window to access quick settings (auto replay, screenshot, etc)
    • [Improved] New redesign in profile information and settings
    • [Added] Option to hide the floating button within the conversation
    • [Improved] Some translations have been updated (Spanish, Brazil, Indonesian)
    • [Fixed] Toast Background and text Color ( Status/Profile Toast )
    • [Fixed]: The shopping cart icon has been moved to the action menu
    • [Fixed] Fonts that were not compatible with font styles.
    • [Fixed] The color of the name in the conversation header
    • [Others] Other things that I forgot
  • Version 8.88:
    • [Added] Now the plugins will be downloaded from the server
    • [Added] Added a Tabs manager (MBPreferences / Other settings / Tabs manager)
    • [Added] Option to disable screen scrolling
    • [Added] Added fake chat counter (enable if you want)
    • [Added] Toast Profile
    • [Added] Toast Status
    • [Added] New font iOS (Available 3)
    • [Added] New redesign in profile information and settings
    • [Improved] Some translations have been updated (Spanish, Brazil, Indonesian)
    • [Improved] Weight has been reduced from 63MB to 44MB
    • [Fixed] Toast Background and text Color
    • [Fixed] The new group call icon will not show in the header
    • [Fixed] Background/Text Color in toast
    • [Fixed] Fonts iOS
    • [Others] Permission to display small ad banner may be required, this will help Fouad iOS development for future updates.
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements
  • Version 8.87:
    • [Added] New: When installing WhatsApp for the first time, you will be asked to activate the “Unknown sources” permission (This will help to restore the chats correctly)
    • [Added] Option to ignore archived chats (MBsettings / ignore archived chats)
    • [Added] Option to colorize the name in the conversation bar
    • [Added] Option to show wallpaper on main screen (Mbsettings / Fouad mods / Universal / Colors / Enable Background)
    • [Added] Now sticker manager supports adding sticker in the second package (com.mbwhatsapp)
    • [Added] Create room in call dialog
    • [Improved] Optimization has been improved on some devices
    • [Improved] Some customization options have been moved to improve theme creation
    • [Improved] Android 5 compatible
    • [Fixed] the status fabs were hidden when scrolling up
    • [Fixed] New Call in the dialog
    • [Fixed] Background/Text Color in toast
  • Version 8.86:
    • [Base]
    • [Added] MB Theme store Plugin
    • [Added] Sticker Manager Plugin
    • [Added] New customization options (A background color for each screen in the home)
    • [Added] MB Settings Redesign
    • [Added] Status section Redesign
    • [Added] Different dialog for each screen
    • [Fixed] Fab camera in status screen
    • [Fixed] Archived chats when stories are activated
    • [Added] New options to download story (copy caption, share, etc.)
    • [Added] FMThemes Store Dark/Light mode automatically
    • [Added]Option to hide Privacy terms notice msg (Universal > Hide Privacy msg). You can hide it without accepting.
    • [Moved/Fixed] “Copy caption” from long press to download options
    • [Fixed] Shop items crash
    • [Fixed] Contact name not showing clearly in caption mention
    • [Fixed] Themes wallpaper not applying on some phones
    • [Fixed] YoWA Entry not taking background color
    • [Fixed] Full backup not working on Android 11+
    • [Added] Translations for Voice changer options
    • [Improved] Other translations
    • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements
  • Version 8.72.1:
    • [Added] Option for Hide ads (Enable by default)
    • [Fixed] Second package installation (com.mbwhatsapp)
  • Version 8.72:
    • [Enabled] Auto Hide inactive chats
    • [Moved] Unarchive new messages option to Mbsettings
    • [Fixed] New group / new broadcast. (wrong order)
    • [Misc] Some minor changes.
    • [Fixed] Small fixes in the interface in MBWhatsApp.
  • Version 8.71.1:
    • [Fixed] Status privacy
  • Version 8.71:
    • [Added] Scroll down for show Archived Chats
    • [Fixed] Crash in Mbsettings on some devices
    • [Removed] Option for Hide / Show Archived chats
    • [Fixed] Row sizer on some themes.
    • [Fixed] Fabs in status section.
    • [Misc] Little things that I forgot.
  • Version 8.70:
    • [Added] Voice Changer for voice notes (Chat > 3-dot > Voice Changer). Record voice note and send.
    • [Added] Preview and confirm before sending sticker (FMMods > Conversation)
    • [Added] Option to delete downloaded emojis packs
    • [Added] Archived row in home screen now takes themes color
    • [Fixed] Slow messages sending in groups
    • [Other] WA extended deadline for new privacy policy to 15 May.
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements in MBWhatsApp
  • Version 8.66:
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Animated Toolbar
    • Click icon camera ( status section ) for show camera/splitter video
    • Mbsettings redesign
    • Fixed button settings in bottom dialog
    • Fixed Statuses rows background
    • Fixed Fabs in status section.
    • little things that I forgot.
  • Version 8.65:
    • Base Fouad 8.65
    • Add option to change the color of the voice icon.
    • Add option to hide the new attachment design
    • Fixed New group in bottom dialog.
    • Fixed New Group/Broadcast in header (no need to hide a chat)
  • Version 8.60:
    • Fixed Toast profile ( second package )
    • Fixed Toast status
    • Fixed New Group
    • Fixed spanish language
    • Fixed chat history
    • Fixed Custom Notifications
    • Fixed Option to view / delete status
    • New Home Redesign
    • Add Hide/Show archived chats
    • Added Mention Mark
    • Added Online/Offline Dot
    • Added Blue Tick on Reply for Groups (It is automatically enabled with normal Blue tick on Reply option)
    • Added Load theme from ZIP file
    • Added new UI for Copy selection of text from message bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Message Selection)
    • Add option to change the color of the Dot Online
    • Add option to change the background of divider unread messages (in conversation)
    • Add forward icon/background color
    • Enable disappear message
    • Others Fixes and Many other things that I forgot in MBWhatsApp

MBWhatsApp 8.95F

How to install or update

If you are going to install MBWhatsApp for the first time, then as in any other WhatsApp MOD you will have to follow a series of very simple steps:

  1. Make a backup of our chats (Settings > Chats > Backup and click on “Save”)
  2. Uninstall WhatsApp or the modification you have installed in the number where you are going to install MBWhatsApp.
  3. Activate the option “Install from unknown sources” or “Unknown sources”, sometimes it depends on your device. To do this go to Phone Settings > Security.
  4. Download the package or APK you want to install, depending on whether you are going to install it as main or secondary number.
  5. Click on the APK to start the installation and follow the usual installation steps, such as verifying number, granting permissions, restoring backup and writing our nick.
  6. Once the installation is finished, when asked about the frequency we want to upload backups to Google Drive, click on NEVER.

If instead you want to update MBWhatsApp, then the process is easier. Download the same package you have installed and click to start the installation, you won’t need to follow the installation steps, because it won’t ask for verification of number or other things.

Download MBWhatsApp

To download MBWhatsApp in its latest version, we have at our disposal 2 packages; the package com.whatsapp to install as main number, and the package com.mbwhatsapp to install as extra number.

Finally we leave you the download links for the latest version of MBWhatsApp:

Download MBWhatsApp 8.95F > com.whatsapp | com.mbwhatsapp


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have installed version 8.93F or earlier, backup and uninstall before installing the new version. If you have version 8.95, do a normal upgrade.

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