TMWhatsApp 7.78, a truly unique WhatsApp MOD

TMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD different from others you may have installed on your Android device. It has exclusive features that you will not find in any other modification, although it has a “catch”: it does not have a com.whatsapp package.

This is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to install as a secondary or extra number in our Android device, or even as a main number if you want to start from scratch in your conversations, as it does not have a com.whatsapp package, although there are methods to get to use your backup in this MOD.

TMWhatsApp image


The list of main features of TMWhatsApp is very similar to other WhatsApp MODs, as Fouad WhatsApp, but as you can see it has some different and unique ones:

  • Spy tool (Access to WhatsApp messages from a friend).
  • Integrated VPN proxy function for countries where WhatsApp is blocked.
  • Extended expiration date.
  • Animation background effects on WhatsApp: Fire, snow, water, music, etc.
  • Increase of the time in the video status to 1 hour instead of 30 seconds.
  • Scheduling of messages to be sent later.
  • Automatic reply.
  • Send a message to 256 contacts at once instead of 5 contacts (not advisable, possible ban).
  • Download or copy statuses.
  • Set low data usage option
  • SLEEP mode (Disable Internet on WhatsApp).
  • Possibility to switch to the old WhatsApp 2014 user interface
  • Delete / Retrieve messages sent by mistake even after hours or days
  • Freeze / Pause / Fake your last view.
  • Anti-Recall (Prevents messages and statuses from being removed from your side)
  • Hide Private Chats (with pattern or password).
  • Distinguish between normal messages and broadcast messages.
  • Send text broadcast messages to groups.
  • Theme server (to download/apply themes), change ticks and bubble styles.
  • Change application icon and notification icon.
  • Change the name of the main application
  • Change the style of the application: WAMOD style
  • Send audios with a size of 100 MB instead of 16 MB.
  • Send videos with a size of 50 MB instead of 16 MB.
  • Send 100 documents at a time instead of 30.
  • Send 100 images at a time instead of 10 images.
  • Counter statistics for groups.
  • Online and last viewed pop-ups on the main screen
  • And many other features ….. try to discover them for yourself.

image with the main image features of TMWhatsApp

What’s new in TMWhatsApp 7.78

We really are always looking forward to each new update of this application, because its developer always surprises us with new exclusive features, performance improvements or bug fixes, which make the application work much better with each new update.

TMWhatsApp 7.78

Next we leave you the complete list of new features of TMWhatsApp 7.78:

  • Version 7.78:
    • Base Update Extended
    • Added Anti-View Once, view images/videos unlimited times.
    • Added Effects of snow, fire etc..are back again.
    • Fixed Status stops when downloading or copying.
    • Fixed Sending more than 30 media from gallery.
    • Fixed Number 0 not showing on lock screens of some devices.
    • Fixed Delayed messages on some devices.
    • Fixed Most issues in the previous version.
  • Version 7.77:
    • Base Updated to
    • Added Auto Message Reply (One UI design)
    • Added All dialogs now take color of dark/light mode
    • Fixed Random crash on Messaging a new number.
    • Fixed Random crash when saving a status.
    • Fixed Media not downloading & connection issues in packages.
    • Fixed Delayed messages on some phones.
    • Fixed Most issues in the previous version.
  • Version 7.76:
    • Base Update Extended
    • Exclusive Fast translation in conversation.
    • Removed Spying tool for fear of abuse of the feature.
    • Removed Some of the privacy settings because of misuse.
    • Added Themes Store Dark/Light mode automatically.
    • Added New options for downloading instances.
    • Fixed Full backup not working on Android 11+
    • Fixed Raising the duration of the status more than an hour, even if the themes are changed
    • Fixed Most issues in the previous version.
  • Version 7.75:
    • Added Open more than one WhatsApp account
    • Added Voice changer while recording notes
    • Added Preview and confirm poster before sending
    • Added Delete downloaded emoji packages
    • Added New options for downloading instances
    • Added Automatic uploading of custom media
    • Added Option to hide the privacy policy notice
    • Added Option to hide archived chats
    • Fixed Most issues in the previous version
  • Version 7.74:
    • Exclusive Spying Tool (Might not work on some devices)
    • Added Mention Mark in group chats
    • Added Online/offline dot
    • Added Disappearing messages option
    • Added Advanced search
    • Added Load theme from zip file
    • Added Blue tick on reply for groups
    • Added Click on Status caption to copy
    • Fixed Most issues in the previous version
  • Version 7.73:
    • Base New version
    • Added Forwards messages to more than 5 people.
    • Added Send status videos of more than 10 minutes long.
    • Added Figures in states.
    • Others And many other new functions.

How to install TMWhatsApp

As in any other WhatsApp MOD, when installing TMWhatsApp for the first time we must follow a series of fairly simple steps but mandatory, but this time a little different:

  1. Make a backup, although we do not use it in this MOD, we will have it in case we want to return to the original application or another MOD.
  2. Uninstall the WhatsApp MODs or the original WhatsApp itself from the phone number where we want to install TMWhatsApp.
  3. Activate the option “Install from unknown sources” or “Unknown sources”, it depends on your Android device. This option is usually in “Phone Settings > Security”.
  4. Download the package or APK.
  5. Click on the package to start the installation.
  6. Follow the normal installation steps, such as giving permissions, verifying number, or typing name or nickname.
  7. After finishing the installation and logging in for the first time, click on NEVER when asked how often we want to upload backups to Google Drive.

If we want to update TMWhatsApp everything is much easier, just download the package or APK on your Android device and click on it to install the update, without the need to verify or give new permissions.

Download TMWhatsApp

To download TMWhatsApp in its latest version of 2021, we have only one package, the com.tmwhatsapp package, so it is recommended to install it only as a secondary number. If you want to install it as main number, then you will lose your old conversations.

Here is the download link to the latest version:

Download TMWhatsApp 7.78 > com.tmwhatsapp