WhatsApp GO is updated to the new version 0.21.10L Fix 2

WhatsApp GO, the best mini WhatsApp MODs, has just been updated to the new version 0.21.10L Fix 2. No doubt a great news for all those who are looking for a hassle free modification but with all the privacy options available, plus some extra features.

Its developer, Soula, is already well known for other modifications such as Soula WA Lite, WhatsApp X or GBWhatsApp Extreme, these last two modifications have been disconnected for a long time, since they stopped receiving updates from their developer.

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New in Version 0.21.10L Fix 2

As it is a mini modification, the WhatsApp GO updates are not usually spectacular, since they have already installed everything they need and the only interesting changes are related to the base of the application or some extra function that can be added, as well as bug fixes.

WhatsApp GO 0.21.10L Fix 2

The list of new features in WhatsApp GO 0.21.10L Fix 2 is:

  • Version 2.21.10L Fix 2:
    • Fixed unable to download media on Android 11.
  • Version 2.21.10L Fix:
    • Many bugs has been fixed.
  • Version 2.21.10L:
    • New Base Updated to Stable Base.
    • Added Ability To Download View Once Photos / Videos
    • Added Anti-View Once.
    • Re-Added MediaMods 🙂 .
    • Added Option to Hide DND Mode Icon.
    • Added Option to Change Text Color of Status.
    • Added Option to share status.
    • Added Option to Change Background Color of Status.
    • New UI from WhatsApp.inc .
    • Added Option to start stories directly with sound.
    • Improved Default Mode.
    • Improved WhatsApp GO Settings UI.
    • Fixed Custom media auto-download.
    • Bugs fixes and speed improvements.
  • Version 2.21.5L:
    • New Base Updated to Stable Base.
    • Fixed Call Blocker.
    • Enable all hidden features..
    • Bugs fixes and speed improvements.
  • Version 2.21.4L:
    • New Base Updated to Stable Base.
    • You can now listen to voice messages at different speeds by toggling the 1x/1.5x/2x buttons while a message is playing.
    • Image and video previews have been updated so you can now see more of the media in chat.
    • Added Custom Media Auto-Download ( Now you can choose for which particular contact you want auto download).
    • Removed MediaMods (Notes: some options are enabled by default. ) /(it will be notified in next updates.. )
    • Removed All ADS IN APP :).
    • Enable all hidden features..
    • Fixed Restore/Backup Data on Android 11
    • Fixed crash app when click on restore button.
    • Fixed show WA GO options in all screens ( Chats – Status – Calls).
    • Bugs fixes and speed improvements…
  • Version 2.21.1L:
    • New Base Updated to Stable Base.
    • Ability to copy the text in Caption of Status (Click on status caption to copy OR long-press on status caption to select text and copy).
    • Added Calls Blocker Privacy (Now you can choose who can call you with Extra options).
    • Added preview and confirm before sending sticker.
    • Added Custom privacy.
    • Now You can Click on Links in Caption of Status.
    • Added Custom Call Blocker.
    • Added Option to Reset All Privacy Settings To Default.
    • Support languages [ Spanish – (Mexico) – Turkish – Odia (India)].
    • Bugs fixes and speed improvements…
  • Version 2.20.113L:
    • New Base Updated to Stable Base.
    • Chats can now be muted forever instead of only 1 year.
    • Enable disappearing messages feature.
    • Enable all hidden features.
    • Fixed Hide view status
    • Bugs fixes and speed improvements…

Download WhatsApp GO

There are two packages available to download the latest version of WhatsApp GO; on one hand the com.whatsapp package which is used to install it as a main number, and on the other hand the com.wago package (available soon) which is used to install it as an extra number.

If you are installing WhatsApp GO for the first time before you do a backup of your conversations, uninstall any WhatsApp you have installed on the number where you are going to install it and activate the option to install from unknown sources. If you are upgrading just download the same package you have installed and install it.

Download WhatsApp GO > com.whatsapp | com.wago | com.soula2