WhatsApp will add changes to the Forwarding

From the official WhatsApp blog, the company has just announced that they are testing changes in the way they forward messages, and that is that if a few years ago was added the ability to forward a message to several chats at once, now want to limit the number of chats to forward messages.

In this way, and for the time being only in India, the forwarding of messages is being limited, a new way of trying to fight spam. At the moment we don’t know the limit for forwarding messages, although we want to limit it to 5 chats at a time, in addition to removing the quick send button that appears next to multimedia messages.

WhatsApp committed to security and privacy

WhatsApp wants to continue applying features like this in order to gain in security and privacy, so they promise more measures like limiting the number of message forwardings to chats in future updates.

In addition, the company takes the opportunity to give us a few WhatsApp Safety Tips, which remind us that our messages and calls are automatically protected by end-to-end encryption, so that even WhatsApp cannot read or listen to them.


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