BriWhatsApp Mini is updated to version 7.00

BriWhatsApp Mini is one of the best and most original WhatsApp mini modifications available today. It has constant updates where its developers add new features and improvements, as well as very current bases of its application, so we will have the latest news of the original application.

It doesn’t have any customization options, but among its features we can highlight the extra privacy options, we will be able to find all the existing ones, as well as some extra functions like sending messages to unknown numbers. It may not be as popular as WhatsApp Go, but it really works very well.

BriWhatsApp Mini

New BriWhatsApp Mini 7.00

One of the strengths of this mini modification is its constant updates, with many improvements and bug fixes, as well as updates to its base. Of course, as it is a mini modification we will not find long lists of new features, but we will find really interesting ones.

BriWhatsApp Mini 7.00

The list of new features of BriWhatsApp Mini 7.00 is the following:

  • Version 7.00:
    • [Base] Base Update (Playstore)
    • [Added] Option Theme Blue in BRIWA Settings
    • [Added] Crash Log
    • [Added] Android 10 support
    • [Added] New option privacy (Always Online)
    • [Fixed] Bugs from the past version
    • [Misc] And more…..
  • Version 6.00:
    • [Base] Updated to
    • [Added] Status Splitter (30 second status cutter)
    • [Added] Home Style (Old Ui 2014)
    • [Added] Now you can share the status of your contacts on other social networks (3 points > Share…)
    • [Added] New Emojis
    • [Enabled] Some hidden features
    • [Fixed] Download your contacts’ statuses even if the contact is muted
    • [Fixed] Errors detected in the last version
  • Version 5.00:
    • [Base] New base updated to
    • [Added] Custom background color when writing a status
    • [Fixed] Errors detected in the last version
  • Version 4.00:
    • [Base] New base updated to
    • [Added] Icon of 🚫 when a status is removed
    • [Fixed] Flickering on the conversation screen
    • [Improved] Separate anti-delete status and message option
    • [Added] Option to deactivate calls (While this is active you cannot make calls)
    • [Added] Mark states as seen
    • [Fixed] Data drainage and battery
  • Version 3.10:
    • Performance & Optimisation
    • New Possibility to select the text in a conversation
  • Version 2.00:
    • New Base updated to
    • Added Send message to a contact who is not in the agenda
    • Added Delete icon 🚫 when a message is deleted
    • Added Possibility of setting more than 3 chats
    • Removed Splash Screen
    • Fixed errors in version 1.00

Download BriWhatsApp Mini 7.00

If you want to download BriWhatsApp Mini you only have one installation package, the com.whatsapp package, so you can only install the modification as your main WhatsApp account number. It is possible that in future updates new packages will be released for extra numbers.

Finally, please remember that if you are installing this application for the first time, you must make a local backup, not the google drive. You should then uninstall the WhatsApp you have installed and finally make sure you have the option to install applications from unknown sources enabled.

Download BriWhatsApp Mini 7.00 > com.whatsapp