Download WhatsApp for Android

Download WhatsApp for Android is essential for millions of users of the Google platform around the world. Keep in mind that today is almost necessary to have the application of the instant messaging service most famous in the world to communicate with everyone in a quick, direct, simple and inexpensive way.

Surely any average user, who probably used in its Android smartphone, has a lot of friends, family and even customers with the application of instant messaging service. If we do not have this app we will be completely out.

In this article we will give guidelines to download WhatsApp for Android, but the users of the smartphones or google platform should not worry. Use the instant messaging service on your smartphone is very easy, and following a few simple steps, we can begin to enjoy this service.

Download WhatsApp for Android

All the advantages of downloading WhatsApp for Android

You can not only send text messages with WhatsApp, if not today, thanks to the updates that receives the app for the mobile platform from Google, we also can make voice calls completely free with other users that also use this instant messaging service. So we can say that download WhatsApp for Android has become a must if we want to keep all quick and easy contact with all our contacts.

We should also mention in this section the possibility with WhatsApp of form chat groups that can be very useful to share hobbies, information or simply warn us of appointments or any kind of information. The creation of such groups has greatly facilitated the relationship between whole families, friends and others.

Another advantage that you will enjoy after downloading WhatsApp Android is the ability to send to all your contacts easily files of all types. The application has improved a lot in the last months, especially since the service was bought by another big company as Facebook, and now send a video, an audio, and pictures,is very simple for any user. Share your favorite music with your friends has never been easier with WhatsApp.

To get send these files we must just press the clip that we can see at the top of the window in each of the chats and immediately attach the file type you want very easily. We have a very intuitive interface, you can learn to manage it in a few minutes.

download WhatsApp for Android for free

Download Whatsapp for Android easily

No need to be an expert in social networks and instant messaging services to download WhatsApp for Android for free, and with the information that we will give in this article, you can do it simply and quickly. You just need to follow directions step by step, without skipping any, and in a moment you will be enjoying all the benefits it can provide you WhatsApp for many areas of your everyday life.

Something to keep in mind once you are already using instant messaging is that periodically, especially for users of Android, the company launches application updates with incorporating new functions, such as the voice calls, or improves some of these functions so you can get the most out possible without you giving any problem. It’s something you have to control and so will improve communication with family and friends.

As we have tried to explain you in this article, download WhatsApp for Android are all advantages. You could say that is a very good tool that we use with responsability because it can also cause some problems if we are not cautious enough. In any case, the important thing is to truly enjoy this famous instant messaging service.

How to download WhatsApp for Android

How to download WhatsApp for Android

We can download WhatsApp for Android is a simple way, both the stable version of Google Play, as the beta version from the official website of WhatsApp Messenger. So we will explain the two methods to download the app and you can choose which you prefer.

Download the Beta version of WhatsApp for Android:

  • The first step is prepare your device to install applications from sources other than Google Play, so go to “Menu> Settings> Security.”
  • Search and mark the box of the “Unknown sources” option.
  • From The browser of your Android device go or type the address:
  • Click on the “Download” icon
  • Accept the application requests (some will tell you that the file can damage the device, accept anyway) and finish the installation.

Download WhatsApp for Android in its stable version:

  • Go to Google Play, seek for it in your Android device the icon of Play Store (installed on all Android devices by default) or touch here.
  • In the search box (top, where Google Play) write WhatsApp and CLICK to search
  • The WhatsApp Messenger application appears, push on it
  • Within the application description CLICK on the “Install” button
  • Accept the requests from the application and complete the installation

Finally just remind you that WhatsApp beta versions are not exempt of bugs, because with them the company test new features, which appear before in the stable version of Google Play and can produce some unexpected errors.

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