Download WhatsApp for tablets

Download WhatsApp for tablets Android is already possible for some time, which opens up many possibilities to use the instant messaging service in several of our mobile devices without any problem. But we must say that the possibility of using it in a tablet, and its previous download and installation it is not a simple and easy process as if we did it on a smartphone.

So if you want to download WhatsApp for tablets, you’ve come to the right place, in this article you will find all the steps to follow explained clearly and simply, to start enjoying a time of instant messaging on your tablet . A version that will bring some advantages over the smartphone, but you can not forget that also will miss some things that this kind of devices don’t allow.

Download WhatsApp for tablets

And you should not worry too much about the technical features of your tablet, and we can ensure that this version works great on tablets that do not have 3G or LTE, and you can take full advantage of the instant messaging service if you have Wi-Fi. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you download WhatsApp to android tablets, and perform subsequent installation, you should enter a phone number hat is not already associated with an account of the messaging service.

So you can not use the phone number you use in your smartphone. We can say that the process and the conditions are very similar to those established at the time of download and install WhatsApp on a smartphone.

Download WhatsApp for tablets and its advantages

After downloading WhatsApp for tablets you are going to realize all of the benefits you will get to keep in touch with friends and family in a type of device that for its size and technical characteristics makes much easier to send messages and files of all types. You will have much comfort when holding talks with your contacts.

This instant messaging service has become little time in one of the tools used by millions of people around the world. We are sure that many of the people around you use WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family, something that somehow will also force you to join to this big family.

WhatsApp for tablets

The ability to be texting all day without stopping all your friends is just one of many advantages because it gives the possibility to send files of various types. You will have no problems in sharing that picture that you just have made with your favorite chat group.

In the same way, if you prefer to share a video that you just recorded, the process is so simple that you can spend all the day by sending them to all your friends. Also, do not forget the audio files to share your favorite music or voice message.

WhatsApp Web also available for tablets

And if you want something more for the same price, we have to tell you that you can also enjoy in your tablet of WhatsApp Web. You only should have on your smartphone the latest version of the application of the instant messaging service, and following a few simple steps, you can enjoy of the instant messaging service in addition to on your tablet, on your personal computer and so do a lot more comfortable texting to all your contacts.

As we have tried to explain in this article, download WhatsApp for tablets opens more possibilities for communication, as have the instant messaging service to all devices you have at home. And of course you will not lose anything of what happens in your group of friends.

Follow all the steps listed below for download WhatsApp in the tablets without skipping any, and start enjoying the most important and popular instant messaging service that exists right now in the market. Sure you will not regret this decision.

download WhatsApp for Android Tablets

How to download WhatsApp for Android Tablets

Now its the moment to downloading WhatsApp for Tablets Android, and you can finally enjoy the best instant messaging service in the world from your tablet, but first you must allow the install of third-party applications. For it, you must go to settings> Security and check the “unknown sources” box, now you’re ready.

  • From Our tablet web browser we must go to the address: and download the APK.
  • Now we install the APK, just go to downloads or simply go to notifications and click on it.
  • Once the installation is complete (you will get a notice saying you can not use it on tablets, do not heeding) arrived at the check point, here we will have to enter a phone number. CAREFUL: WhatsApp no longer work with this number in the phone will only work on the tablet.
  • Now we get the verification code on the phone. We wait a few minutes and we introduce the number of verification that we have received on the phone,
  • We’ve got WhatsApp in our Android Tablet!

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