Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone

Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone is one of the first things that new users to Microsoft should do. This instant messaging service is essential for millions of people around the world. So you’re not going to be less.

In this article we’ll Explain in the simplest and most direct way possible how to download WhatsApp for Windows Phone, what you can do for yourself without any problems. By following a few easy steps, you can begin to make use of instant messaging quickly.

Once you have installed WhatsApp on your smartphone, will be opened to you possibilities to communicate with all your family, friends, acquaintances and even your customers. Not only you can send messages for free, but it also can send photos, videos, and even audio files. And now you also have free voice calls for talk with all your contacts without having to spend any money.

download WhatsApp for Windows Phone

Process to download WhatsApp for Windows Phone

At first you must download the application from the Windows Phone Store, you will not have trouble finding the app in the browsing of the app store Microsoft, or if you’re browsing with your Windows Phone device, just take a look at the end of the article and click the link download. It will be easy to have the application installed and to start sending messages and files to all your friends and family.

Bear in mind that before downloading WhatsApp for Windows Phone operating system need to on your smartphone version of Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows Phone 8 or Windows 10, so that it will not be a problem for anyone who wants to install the instant messaging service on your mobile device.

Keep in mind that the application of WhatsApp be constantly updated on all platforms, so if you use a smartphone with Windows Phone operating system and don’t have some features that may appear on other platforms like Android or iOS, don’t worry. The developers work constantly to incorporate exciting new features to make the most of the instant messaging service.

Best of download WhatsApp for Windows Phone

download WhatsApp for Windows Phone

Keep in mind that all you can do with a smartphone, at least in a basic way, such as making phone calls or send SMS messages, you can do likewise with WhatsApp, but without having to pay anything for this service.

As you may know, just you have to pay an annual fee which is less than one euro or less than a dollar, depending on the country of origin of the user, and you pay when you open the user account. For so little money a year, you’ll have a lot of advantages when it comes to stay in touch with all your people in the most direct and fastest way imaginable.

WhatsApp is a service used by billions of people around the world, and for that reason many people who are around you, also use it. This great expansion of the messaging service almost forces you to download and install the application because if you do not do it, practically you stay isolated, or have to spend a fair amount of money to maintain the contact with friends and family.

Of course, if a instant messaging service is used by almost 1,000 million users worldwide every month, can not have anything wrong. It will facilitate your life in many ways, and you also will provide fun and entertaining moments. You will not miss fun after download WhatsApp for Windows Phone and start talking with all the contacts you have on the agenda of your smartphone.

download WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone, download it now

Before you click on the link to download WhatsApp for Windows Phone you must have a Microsoft account, if you don’t have one, from the download link you can create it, but certainly if you have a Windows Phone device and you may have already created one account. And remember you can enjoy the messaging service for free for one year. During or after the period of this free trial period you can buy the service for 0.70 EUR / year. Of course, if you’ve already paid for the service on another platform, you will not be asked to pay for it again.

Do not waste your time and start downloading the app right now. Download it and enjoy!

Download | Windows Phone Store

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  1. Ever since Nokia decided to partner with Microsoft problems started they maybe harvesting their fruitful dividends but us users of Nokia we are struggling we are stuck with phones we cant use are these phones or computers no man truth be told I’ve been trying to download Whatsapp since forever but no luck

  2. WhatsApp down kod men bhi kuch nahin ho raha tha jo ek sath kam tak nahin kar raha hoon ki tarah ek bar phir ek hi bar men se kuch bhi nahin tera ho yah bat kar diya gaya tha ki ve ek hi he lekin men evan unke weekend tak nahin hen lekin ab tak ka nam par bhi suchna ko lekar ek bar phir ek aur uske sath men he lekin ek

  3. Am trying to download watsapp on my windows phone but its not responding. It keeps bringing the message of attention require tap here and it has taken long now.
    What should I do?


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