Fouad WhatsApp Extreme is updated to version 8.31

Fouad WhatsApp Extreme, a recently released modification, has just been updated to the new version 8.31. This is a very important update, because apart from getting the new features of the MOD it is based on, it also adds its own.

As always, we start talking about its base, which has been updated to the new stable version 2.20.123 of WhatsApp for Android, so as it is not the latest stable version we will not get the possibility to make video calls or group calls of up to 8 participants.

Fouad WhatsApp Extreme

What’s New in Version 8.31

This is where this application stands out, because not only will we receive news about its new base, but we will also receive news about Fouad WhatsApp 8.31 plus the new features that its developer has added exclusively.

What's New in Version 8.31

What’s new in Fouad WhatsApp Extreme 8.31 is as follows:

  • Base updated at 2.20.123
  • Added all features v8.29
  • Added menu privacy like GB
  • Added Secondary Package
  • Added option to hide search icon
  • Added option to change attach style: Conversation Screen > Conversation Entry-style > Change Attach Style
  • Added option to download status V2 : Home Screen > Status > Status Save
  • Fixed wrong folder error
  • Fixed error when answering a status
  • Fixed bugs and more improvements

Fouad WhatsApp Extreme 8.31

Download Fouad WhatsApp Extreme 8.31

This modification has two packages to download, so if we want to install Fouad WhatsApp Extreme as a primary number we will use the com.whatsapp package, the com.fmwhatsapp package will be used as a secondary number.

Before upgrading or installing for the first time, remember to backup your conversations. Also, if you are installing Fouad WhatsApp Extreme for the first time, you must first delete the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Mod installed on your WhatsApp account number.

Download Fouad WhatsApp Extreme 8.31 > com.whatsapp | com.fmwhatsapp

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