WhatsApp Transparent 9.70: Latest Version Available

WhatsApp Transparent is updated to version 9.70, which is now available for download. This is a very interesting update, especially in relation to its new features, which as you will see below are quite curious, as well as correcting some very important errors.

The basis of the application remains the version 2.19.150 of WhatsApp for Android, a stable version, unlike other modifications that use beta versions, and although it may be a little old, it really works perfectly, being very stable.

WhatsApp Transparent

What’s New in WhatsApp Transparent 9.70

The list of new features is not very long, as we were used to in other updates, but they are really very curious, such as the possibility of creating fake chats and the text repeater, effective in certain occasions, as well as correcting important errors, such as the one that made the application could not be started in certain devices.

The official and complete list of WhatsApp Transparent 9.70 is as follows:

  • Extend Expiry Date
  • Fixed Theme Downloading
  • Added FakeChat Creater
  • Added Text Repeater
  • Fixed Colors Bugs
  • Fixed app doesnt start on some devices

Download latest version 9.70

As you can see in the available download links, there are 2 different packages to download WhatsApp Transparent; the package com.whatsapp is used as the main number of WhatsApp, while the package com.gbwhatsapp is used as the secondary number of the application.

It is always advisable to back up our conversations before installing or upgrading, and if you are installing for the first time, you should first uninstall the WhatsApp or modification you have installed on the number you want to install.

Download WhatsApp Transparent | WAT (com.whatsapp) | WAT (com.gbwhatsapp)