NoWhatsApp is updated to the latest version 9.87

NoWhatsApp, one of the best WhatsApp MODs at the moment, has just received a new update. This is the new version 9.87, an update with many new features and bug fixes, as well as updating the base of the application, WhatsApp for Android version

NOWhatsApp is a great modification of WhatsApp with which we can customize the application with different themes and options, as well as use privacy settings that are not available in the official WhatsApp for Android application and some extra features.


New in NOWhatsApp 9.87

As we have already mentioned, the biggest novelty is the new base, a version that includes the latest interesting features of the original application, besides the official list of novelties is really long and interesting.

image with all the new features of NOWhatsApp 2021 version 9.87

Below is the complete list of new features on NOWhatsApp 9.87:

  • Version 9.87:
    • Added Disable Forwarded option (when activating this option, the Forwarded message will not be sent to more than one conversation due to the WhatsApp policy)
      Fixed option 2.18
      Fixed the problem of repeating the message in the notification bar
      Fixed App Crash when reply to WhatsApp Statuses
      Others fixing
  • Version 9.86:
    • Fixed New Status Story option
    • Fixed Auto Reply
    • Fixed appearance of Privacy Settings and Auto Media Download when choosing a Dark Theme
    • Fixed problem of not Downloading the Video or Image in Conversations
    • Fixed Video Clips not playing in the Default WhatsApp player
    • Others fixing
  • Version 9.85:
    • Base Updated to
    • Anti Ban
    • Ads Free
    • Introducing disappearing messages. Now you can set chats to disappear after 7 days.
    • Search your stickers with text and emoji or categories.
    • Decorate your photos and videos with smoother drawing and new alignment guides.
    • Now you can set a custom wallpaper for a chat or set a dark mode wallpaper. Choose from a refreshed wallpaper gallery or new colors over the doodle background.
    • Add an option to customize the automatic media download for each Direct Chat/group separately
    • Add custom privacy
    • Fix the problem of hidden conversations appearing when searching for them using the search icon on the main conversations screen
    • Fix the problem of repeating the message in the notification bar
    • Others fixing
  • Version 9.81:
    • Android 11 support all problems have been fixed
    • Enable room messenger at Chat
    • Enable room messenger at Calls Screen Tab
    • Add option to Enable/Disable Play Statuses With Sound (NorahMods – Media)
    • Fix AutoReply
    • Fix option 3.5.1
    • Fix Download Statuses
    • Fix crash on some devices
    • Others fixing
  • Version 9.80:
    • Base Updated to
    • Anti Ban
    • Disappearing Messages
    • Fix The message is not supported
    • Fix hidden chats Show when redirecting or sharing some content
    • Fix Download Statuses
    • Fix option 10.9
    • Fix option 10.10
    • Fix crash when use option 10.7
    • Fix crash on some devices
    • Others fixing
  • Version 9.75:
    • Base Updated to
    • Anti Ban
    • Exclusive – Add new option to share Contct status via Social media(Open contact status- three dots-share)
    • Exclusive – Hide name and content of hidden chat on the official WhatsApp widget
    • Add option to Hide Go To First Message Button on Chat (NorahMods – Chat – option 2.32)
    • Enable mute feature (long press on any conversation, then press the mute icon)
    • Enable Expiring messages feature for direct chats only, not groups (from within any conversation, press the three dots – Self-Disappearing messages)
    • New search options allow you to filter by author and content type.
    • Group calls now support picture-in-picture mode for easier multitasking.
    • The attachment menu has been updated to include refreshed icons and add back the camera shortcut.
    • Fix crash on some devices
    • Others fixing
  • Version 9.71:
    • Added new installation packages.
  • Version 9.70:
    • Base Updated to 2.20.172
    • Anti Ban
    • Group video and voice calls now support up to 8 participants
    • Dark Mod
    • Enable Animated Stickers
    • You can Share Group Link Via Qr Barcode (Admins only)
    • Move a New Conversation icon to the top bar in the Main Screen
    • Add option to change Status Seen Color
    • Add option to change Status UnSeen Color
    • Add option to Change color for Mention Icon in chats screen
    • Add option to Change color for Document icon in chats screen
    • Add option to Change the color of the shared contact icon in the chats screen
    • Add option to Change color for GIF icon in chats screen
    • Add option to Change color for Sticker icon in chats screen
    • Add option to Change color for Revoked icon in chats screen
    • Add option to Change color for Invite icon in chats screen
    • Fix App Collapse on some devices
    • Fix Conversation Entry Option
    • Fix Saving Status not Show on Gallery
    • Fix open Hidden Conversations When Click on Notification Bar
    • Fix Revoked Messages on Chats
    • Fix the floating button location in the Main Screen
    • Fix Custom Wallpaper option
    • Fix BackGround Chat color option
    • Fix Read Ticks option
    • Fix Read Ticks colors option
    • Fix Forward Icon Color in Started Messages and Chats
    • Fix Stickers loss when Installing the application
    • Others fixing

Download NOWhatsApp 9.87

As you should know, if we don’t tell you, before downloading NOWhatsApp you will need to download the Droid Hardware Info application to know the set of instructions for your Android device. From there go to the SYSTEM tab and look at the “Set of Instructions”.

Download GBWhatsApp 6.50

Before installing remember to backup your conversations, and if you install it for the first time, then you must first uninstall the official WhatsApp application or the modification you have installed on that number.

Download NOWhatsApp:


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