NSWhatsApp 9.45: Update with many new features

NSWhatsApp has just updated to the new version 9.45, an update that comes with many new features, although there is no change of base, but there are changes in its user interface and many bug fixes that significantly improve the overall performance of the application.

Download NSWhatsapp

In previous versions, NSWhatsApp was a reworking of GBWhatsApp, adding a 3D look and feel as well as extra features. Now it’s a Fouad WhatsApp remod, completely based on it, with a new colored user interface, nothing else.


Main Features

As we have already mentioned, NSWhatsApp has all the features and functions that Fouad WhatsApp and WhatsApp for Android have. Its developer even included a few more, highlighting its 3D effects, in addition to the possibility of sliding through the conversation screens, the WAMOD style, with the States on the main screen, BIG TEXT and Boom Msg in chats, among others, but they were finally removed recently.

A summary with all the main features and functions of NSWhatsApp is as follows:

  • Based on
  • Anti Ban function
  • message scheduler
  • Automatic Answer
  • support calls
  • Hide your (“last time”)
  • privacy mods
  • Support Themes
  • DND mode
  • Ability to hide chats (using a pattern or password)
  • Possibility to send a message or call unknown numbers.
  • Ability to translate messages in different languages.
  • Ability to download statuses/histories
  • Ability to send broadcasts to groups
  • Theme server (to download/apply themes)
  • Change tick/bubble style
  • (17) Ticks & (13) Bubble styles to choose from
  • Counter statistics for groups
  • Show online/Last View on main screen
  • Send video larger than 16MB
  • Send more than 10 images at once from NSWhatsApp

What’s new in Version 9.45

The latest version of NSWhatsApp 2022 is version 9.45, an update that has been released mainly to fix the problems of the previous version, but also adds some new features.

The full list of what’s new in NSWhatsApp 9.45 is as follows:

  • Version 9.45:
    • [Added] Preview Image/Video without saving to phone
    • [Added] Repost option for Story/Status
    • [Added] WA Backups now created .zip file
    • [Added] Select default “translate to” language in convos (Mods > Universal > Settings). Less steps, Faster translation
    • [Added] Option to save after preview image/video (3-dot > save to gallery)
    • [Enabled] Create Polls and voting in groups!
    • [Fixed] WA Backups now will stay even if whatsapp is uninstalled.
    • [Fixed] Crash in Message Scheduler page on some phones
    • [Improved] WA Backups now moved to Storage/Documents folder
    • [Improved] “Theme” from settings to avoid issues. Use Moon/Sun icon in home screen.
    • [Improved] Anti-ban
    • [Moved] Translate Option Settings to Mods > Universal > Settings
    • [Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself!
    • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements in NSWhatsApp
  • Version 9.41:
    • [Fixed] Delete messages by admins in groups not working properly
    • [Fixed] Home style not working
    • [Fixed] Swipe rows not working
    • [Fixed] WhatsApp lock not working
    • [Fixed] Hide recently/viewed/muted Status update not working
    • [Fixed] Admin badge showing for random members
    • [Misc] Other bug fixes and improvements
  • Version 9.40:
    • [Base] Updated to version
    • [Added] Option to Group Admin indicator turn on/off (FMMods > Conversation Screen)
    • [Added] Ability to share multiple images/videos/files at same time from chat to outside apps!
    • [Added] Package name to expiry page to help users know.
    • [Enabled] Filter unread messages using search
    • [Enabled] New drawing pen
    • [Enabled] Online privacy! You can choose who can see when you’re online. (Settings > Account > Privacy)
    • [Enabled] Leave groups secretly without all people knowing (only admins can see you left)
    • [Enabled] Admin can remove other people messages in group chats (only works when users on new base)
    • [Enabled] Ability to see past participants of groups (who left and when!)
    • [Enabled] Quick reactions to Status
    • [Enabled] New Text Status UI
    • [Enabled] New status privacy design UI
    • [Fixed] Go to first message
    • [Fixed] View all person’s messages in group chat
    • [Fixed] Group Message counter in group info page
    • [Fixed] Other small bugs
    • [Improved] Translations
    • [Misc] Improved Anti-ban
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements in NSWhatsApp

Update NSWhatsApp

If you already have the application installed and what you want is to update NSWhatsApp the steps to follow are really simple, since all we have to do is download the same version that we have installed on our Android device and install it normally, without having to uninstall anything.

That yes, it is advisable whenever we update or install this type of applications to make a local backup, in Google Drive no WhatsApp Mod can do it. To do this go to “Menu > Settings > Chats > Backup” and click on “SAVE”.

Install NSWhatsApp

If this is the first time we are going to install NSWhatsApp we will have to perform a series of necessary steps for installation. The first step is to choose whether we want to install it as the main number of our WhatsApp account (download the Blue version) or as an extra number (download the red or yellow version).

Once we have downloaded the version (below are the links) that we want to install, the steps to follow are as follows:

  1. We create a local backup, you can’t in Google Drive, of the conversations in your WhatsApp account. Go to “Menu > Settings > Chats > Backup” and click on “SAVE”.
  2. We uninstall the WhatsApp or modification that we have installed on the number where we are going to install the application.
  3. If we have not yet activated the option “Install from Unknown Sources” or ” Unknown Sources”, we activate it. Depending on the Android version of your device:
    • Android 4.1 to 7: Enable the option “Install from Unknown Sources” or ” Unknown Sources”. It is usually located in Phone Settings > Security.
    • Android 8 or higher: Go to Device Settings > Applications. Here we look for the application from where we are going to install the downloaded APK, any device manager, and in advanced settings we click on Install applications from unknown sources and activate the option. NOTE: Clicking on the APK to install also gives us the possibility to go to settings to activate this option.
  4. We install the downloaded APK of the application (Download NSWhatsApp).
  5. We follow the steps it tells us and give the permissions that we are asked. Restore the conversations at the end, not at the beginning. It may tell us that it does not find the backup, in which case we click on skip and skip and so we can get it on the next screen.
  6. If it asks us how often we want to upload backups to Google Drive, we click on NEVER.
  7. We already have installed NSWhatsApp 3D!!!!.
  8. Installing for the Anti-BAN System to work

VERY IMPORTANT: To get the anti-ban system to work 100% we must take into account if we have ever been banned, so there are 3 possibilities:

  • If you have never been banned, install version 9.45 normally, there is no need to uninstall the version we have of NSWhatsApp.
  • If you have been banned and you are using an official version of WhatsApp for Android, then backup your conversations and install the new version of NSWhatsApp.
  • If you have ever been banned and you are with any old version of NSWhatsApp then you have to backup your conversations, uninstall the current version you have and install the new version.

Download NSWhatsApp Latest Version 2022

As you may already know, there are 4 different versions to download NSWhatsApp, known by Blue, to install it as the main number, Orange, Red and Green, to install it as an extra number of our WhatsApp number.

Here are the download links:

Download NSWhatsapp 9.45Blue (com.whatsapp) | Red (com.nswhatsapp2) | Orange (com.nswhatsapp) | Green (com.gbwhatsapp)


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