MNWA updates to the new version 8


MNWA, also known as MNWhatsApp or Minimal WhatsApp, is a MOD from WhatsApp not very popular, but with an incredible development quality, which uses the Material Design style from Google that gives it a really fantastic final look, as well as a very high customization possibility, being able to personalize almost everything.

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Baby WhatsApp has just been updated to version 9.0

Baby WhatsApp

Baby WhatsApp has been updated to the new version 9.0, an update with important new features, especially regarding the base, which has been updated. Without a doubt a WhatsApp Mini MOD indicated for those who do not want personalization and are looking for privacy and some extra features to be able to use.

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TMWhatsApp 7.75, a truly unique WhatsApp MOD

TMWhatsApp Logo

TMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD different from others you may have installed on your Android device. It has exclusive features that you will not find in any other modification, although it has a “catch”: it does not have a com.whatsapp package.

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BriWhatsApp Mini is updated to version 7.00

BriWhatsApp Mini

BriWhatsApp Mini is one of the best and most original WhatsApp mini modifications available today. It has constant updates where its developers add new features and improvements, as well as very current bases of its application, so we will have the latest news of the original application.

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GBWhatsApp is also updated to the new version 11.20


GBWhatsApp, as it could not be otherwise, also receives its dose of update, more specifically it is updated to version 11.20, a new version where we will find many new features with respect to the previous version, in addition to new base, which already incorporates the video calls of up to 8 users.

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WhatsApp Aero 8.80 is the most customizable mod

WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero 8.80 has just been released and we can say that it is the most new update we have ever seen, really impressive. Without a doubt, this is the most customizable WhatsApp modification ever, with hundreds of options to do so, plus new options to further customize the application.

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YoWhatsApp 8.86: Now available for download

One of the most popular modifications still to be updated was YoWhatsApp, which has just been upgraded to the new version 8.86, an update loaded with new features, interface changes, improvements and, of course, many bug fixes that significantly improve the overall performance of the application.

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FMWhatsApp has been updated to the latest version 8.86

As it could not be otherwise, FMWhatsApp is also updated to version 8.86, a quite necessary update, since many bugs that prevented the correct functioning of the application are corrected, as well as adding improvements and some very necessary changes as well.

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