WhatsApp for BlackBerry, download and install

WhatsApp for BlackBerry achieved to turn this mid-range smartphone into an instrument that will allow us to be all day in touch with family and friends. The BlackBerry gather enough to take full advantage of WhatsApp benefits.

To download WhatsApp for BlackBerry we can follow several methods, all very simple, which are valid for the vast majority of BlackBerry devices, so you will have no problem downloading and installing WhatsApp on your wonderful BlackBerry, just follow the simple steps explained below.

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 9300

How to download and install WhatsApp for BlackBerry:

  • From the web browser:
    • Let’s type in the address bar: http://whatsapp.com/ota. Click on the direction if you’re browsing with your device.
    • Click on download. Once the download is completed, we leave the browser and go to the menu.
    • On the menu we click “Downloads” and open “WhatsApp”.
    • Now you just need to follow all the steps and they tell us and we install
  • From the app store (BlackBerry AppWorld):
    • We access AppWorld from the main menu of our BlackBerry.
    • Now click on the search icon and type “WhatsApp Messenger”
    • Select WhatsApp Messenger and and click on it
    • Click on Download and introduce our Blackberry ID
    • Now just follow all steps and we will have installed WhatsApp for BlackBerry.
  • From a QR code:
    • It is another option, simply open our QR code reader and aim the camera at the QR code, you have below.
    • WhatsApp address in AppWorld will open
    • Click on Download and introduce our Blackberry ID
    • Now you just need to follow all the steps and we already have installed it

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  1. Please help me download whatsapp to my blackberry 9300.I have used it before then when I have wiped my phone got desapear for rever

  2. I have a problem in opening whatsapp.it havebeen working and after I reset a phone I’ve download it but now says uprade phone version because phone don’t support this application


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