WhatsApp for Nokia Lumia, download and install

WhatsApp for Nokia Lumia is the union of the most popular instant messaging service in the world with the pointer smartphone that can be found on the market, that is, a perfect combination. Leaving aside the camera of Nokia Lumia, its other technical features make it ideal for WhatsApp.

And nothing better than to give you a good start with this new Finnish phone than to download WhatsApp for Nokia Lumia and start sending messages to all your contacts. As always, we explain in a simple way the methods that exist to be able to install the instant messaging application in your new smartphone. Choose the one that is easiest for you, or one that you already know for your Nokia Lumia.

WhatsApp for Nokia Lumia 1020

Compatible Nokia Lumia devices

The full list of compatible Nokia Lumia devices is as follows:

  • Nokia Lumia 430
  • Nokia Lumia 435
  • Nokia Lumia 505
  • Nokia Lumia 510
  • Nokia Lumia 520
  • Nokia Lumia 530
  • Nokia Lumia 532
  • Nokia Lumia 535
  • Nokia Lumia 610
  • Nokia Lumia 620
  • Nokia Lumia 625
  • Nokia Lumia 630
  • Nokia Lumia 635
  • Nokia Lumia 710
  • Nokia Lumia 720
  • Nokia Lumia 735
  • Nokia Lumia 800
  • Nokia Lumia 820
  • Nokia Lumia 830
  • Nokia Lumia 900
  • Nokia Lumia 920
  • Nokia Lumia 925
  • Nokia Lumia 930
  • Nokia Lumia 1020
  • Nokia Lumia 1520

How to download and install WhatsApp for Nokia Lumia:

  • From the web browser:
  • From the MarketPlace (Windows Phone Store):
    • On the home screen of the Nokia Lumia, click on the title “Marketplace”.
    • Now click on the search icon (magnifying glass below) and write “WhatsApp”.
    • Click on install and follow the steps to tell us.
  • From QR Code:
    • First of all you should be equipped with a QR code reader if you do not have it you can download it from here.
    • We run our QR code reader and focus the camera at the QR code (you can see the code below). This leads directly to the WhatsApp application on Windows Phone Store.
    • Click on install and follow the steps to tell us.

You know that all the latest news and updates about WhatsApp for Nokia Lumia can find them in our BLOG, including all updates from WhatsApp Windows Phone.

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