WhatsApp Mix is updated to the new version 9.05

Some may know it as MIX WhatsApp, but as it’s better known it’s called WhatsApp Mix, a really cool modification that has all the features we want to see in this kind of applications, like all the existing privacy options, customization and extra features.

WhatsApp Mix is a remod of Fouad WhatsApp, so you’ll find all the features of the source application, WhatsApp for Android, all the features of Fouad, and also all the extra features added by Nairo Mix, the developer of this amazing modification.

WhatsApp Mix

 What’s new in Version 9.05

To start with, we have to look at the base of the application, this time it has been updated to the new version of WhatsApp for Android, so we will find all the new features that this version already includes, such as the default dark mode, among others.


In addition, WhatsApp Mix 9.05 also includes all the new features of Fouad WhatsApp 9.05, and as if this were not enough, it also includes the following exclusive new features:

  • Version 9.05:
    • [Base] New version
    • [Added] Download for View Once images/video
    • [Added] View All Messages sent by contact in group (click on name)
    • [Added] Option to change Online Dot color (FMMods > Home Screen > Rows)
    • [Fixed] Archive Chat not showing on group tab
    • [Fixed] RC-TELEGRAM X recording box bug
    • [Fixed] Crash when trying to archive a hidden chat
    • [Fixed] Large Empty space in Hidden chat and archived chat
    • [Fixed] Groups with “Admin Only” still showing send message box in some entry styles
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements in WhatsApp MIX
  • Version 8.95:
    • [Base] Base Updated
    • [Added] Anti-View Once: You can watch “view once” images/videos unlimited ∞ times
    • [Added] Added Gallery option to Status Splitter
    • [Added] Save Profile Picture
    • [Added] Return old “deleted” icon
    • [Added] Message Scheduler (One UI design)
    • [Added] Auto Reply (One UI design)
    • [Added] All dialogs now take color of dark/light mode
    • [Redesigned] Pin lock Screen
    • [Redesigned] Pattern lock screen
    • [Improved] Other translations
    • [Others] Fixes and improvements
  • Version 8.86:
    • [Base] Base Updated
    • [Added] New Snow Bubbles and Ticks styles
    • [Added] New default screen card
    • [Added] Drop effects
    • [Added] Transition effects when swiping chats.
    • [Added] Change the Quick Contact style in the main screen.
    • [Added] Cards styles in the 3 screens.
    • [Misc] Other improvements and fixes
  • Version 8.70:
    • [Misc] Corrections and improvements
  • Version 8.66:
    • [Added] Added cards
    • [Added] Delete Messages after 11 Hours.
    • [Added] 3D transition effects
    • [Added] Anti expired
  • Version 8.65:
    • [Base] Updated Base
    • [Added] Boom Tex (message bomb)
    • [Added] Hide Archive chat
    • [Added] Snow Effects
    • [Added] Transition effects when sliding the chats
    • [Added]Quick Contact on the main screen
    • [Added] Change Sounds Manually(sent, received, etc)
  • Version 8.47:
    • [Base] Updated Base
    • [Added] New transition effect when sliding the chats
    • [Added] Default quick contact style
    • [Added] hide archived chat
    • [Added] New BoomText
    • [Added] New Main Screen Styles Ui, Ios, bubble, etc
    • [Added] New UI Style
    • [Added] Enable Chats/Groups separate without IG Stories
    • [Fixed] Messages Delay
    • [Fixed] Group tab unread counter flickering
    • [Fixed] Broadcast icon not showing on broadcast messages
    • [Fixed] Hide Blue Microphone not working
    • [Fixed] Status Seen/Unseen color not working in Status page
    • [Fixed] Hide View Status in Custom Privacy
    • [Fixed] Crash when setting Wallpaper in Chat/Group
    • [Fixed] One UI tab title shows when switching pages
    • [Fixed] One UI Title showing twice sometimes
    • [Disabled] Swipe Row by default
    • [Misc] Many other corrections and improvements
  • Version 8.46:
    • [Added] Slide the chat row on the Home screen to see quick actions
    • [Added] Use the new WhatsApp fingerprint user interface
    • [Added] Bottom bar style option to the home user interface
    • [Added] Dark mode for WhatsApp and mix settings
    • [Added] Download Emoji variants of mix settings
    • [Enabled] Animated stickers
    • [Added] Option to use the emoji variant of the phone system for WhatsApp
    • [Added] Group chats now have a separate tab (Optional)
    • [Added] Separate group tab for the bottom bar
    • [Enhanced] Changing the light/dark mode will save the current settings and restore them when changing
    • [Enhanced] Font preview
    • [Fixed] “Not installed” error
    • [Fixed] Fingerprint wait time randomly changes to “Immediately”
    • [Fixed] Slide your finger between screens when Slide Row is on

Download WhatsApp Mix

To download WhatsApp Mix we have up to 3 different packages; the com.whatsapp package we can use to install the application as our main WhatsApp account number, while the others we will use as extra numbers.

WhatsApp Mix 9.05

Remember to backup and uninstall WhatsApp or any modifications you have installed if you are installing it for the first time. Here are the direct download links for the application:

Download WhatsApp Mix > com.whatsapp v8.95 | com.mixwhatsapp v9.05 | com.mixwhatsapp3 v8.95

Via > WhatsApp Mix

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