WhatsApp PLUS 17.40.0, a MOD that adds options to WhatsApp

WhatsApp PLUS, also known as WhatsApp+ and WhatsApp Plus Holo, is a MOD based on the original application and adds several customization options to WhatsApp for Android, so we can get to change the visual look of the popular messaging application, with a multitude of themes and templates made by users, allowing us to put WhatsApp to our liking.

This WhatsApp PLUS is not the original one, nor the one from Abu Saddam Rifai, which was simply a copy of GBWhatsApp. This modification is original, it does not depend on others, like all the ones today that depend on Fouad WhatsApp or are simply copies that change the name and do not bring anything new, unlike this one.

WhatsApp PLUS

WhatsApp PLUS – Advantages:

  1. Allows change look and behavior of everything.
  2. Allows change options for sending files
  3. Hide your last connection / state (already available in official version of WhatsApp)
  4. Add new emoticons. Includes Google Hangouts emoticons. Only those who have WhatsApp plus could see it
  5. Add visual themes. Over 700 themes to customize.

If you are convinced the benefits of installing WhatsApp PLUS you are ready to do it

How to install WhatsApp Plus:

To install WhatsApp PLUS you must follow a few simple steps below:

  • Before start we must to do a backup of our chats. To do this, open whatsapp. Go to chat options and make a backup of your conversations. This copy is stored on the SD card or in internal memory, and from there, it’s gonna be ready to be retrieved by WhatsApp Plus.
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp or WhatsApp MODs.
  • Enables installation from unknown sources. To do this, go to Settings> Security and check the “Unknown sources” box.
  • Install the APK official file of WhatsApp Plus. Download it from here, then open the downloaded file to begin installation.
  • Now only remains verify the phone number and import the chats. for do it opens WhatsApp Plus and verifies the phone number, as in WhatsApp. Now WhatsApp Plus will ask if you want to recover the backup of the chats, of course, click on yes.

If you already have the modification installed, to update WhatsApp PLUS simply download the latest version and install the APK as normal by clicking on it.

What’s New in Version 17.40.0

The highlight of this new version 17.40.0 is the new base, version of WhatsApp for Android, of the few modifications that have such an advanced version, with which we can make group calls and video calls of up to 8 users and send messages that disappear. We have also added Emoji Variants.

WhatsApp Plus 2021 latest news image

The full list of what’s new in WhatsApp PLUS 17.40.0 is:

  • Version 17.40.0:
    • [Added] Anti-View Once: We can now open media files in a single view an unlimited number of times (Menu > WhatsAppPlus Settings > Privacy & Security).
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
  • Version 17.30.0:
    • [Added] Download View Once Photos / Videos
    • [Added] Apply the fantastic theme as default
    • [Added] 3 new dynamic themes
    • [Fixed] Couple of crash issue fixed
  • Version 17.20.0:
    • [Added] Find and join the events you love (Brazil Only)
    • [Added] 10 Stunning dynamic themes
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed in WhatsApp Plus
  • Version 17.10.0:
    • [Added] New theme arrival notification
    • [Added] 6 Stunning dynamic themes
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed in WhatsApp Plus
  • Version 17.00.1:
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes
  • Version 17.00.0:
    • [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
    • [Added] View Once feature for Photos and Videos
    • [Added] 24hours Option for Disappearing Message
    • [Added] Preview voice message before sending
  • Version 16.90.0:
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes
  • Version 16.80.0:
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes
  • Version 16.70.0:
    • [Updated] Optimize update flow
    • [Updated] Optimize the user onboarding flow
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
  • Version 16.60.0:
    • [Added] Support video message for Telegram Plugin
    • [Added] New theme notification
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
  • Version 16.50.0:
    • [Added] Improved Profile Picture History (delete, share)
    • [Added] Support picture / gif / … objects for Telegram Plugin
    • [Added] Ad block
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
  • Version 16.40.0:
    • [Added] Profile picture history of contacts
    • [Added] Optimize share theme flow
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
  • Version 16.30.0:
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes
  • Version 16.20.0:
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes
  • Version 16.10.0:
    • [Fixed] 20 Bugs related to UI(9), Theme(7), Features(4)
    • [Added] Brand new 12 dynamic themes
    • [Fixed] Optimize image resources
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
  • Version 16.00.0:
    • [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
    • [Added] 6 new dynamic themes
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
  • Version 15.60.2:
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes
  • Version 15.60.0:
    • [Fixed] Battery drain issues
    • [Fixed] Notification not shown on some devices
    • [Fixed] Remove useless fab button
    • [Fixed] Status error while “Hide blue microphone” enabled
    • [Fixed] Thumbnail in theme store
    • [Fixed] Remove bad link in restore page
    • [Fixed] Some crashes
  • Version 15.51.2:
    • [Fixed] Some Battery drain issues
    • [Fixed] Error while deleting theme
    • [Fixed] Some crashes
  • Version 15.50.0:
    • [Fixed] Translation issues (a lot)
    • [Fixed] ‘More’ button function in theme store
    • [Fixed] Cannot delete DIY theme
    • [Fixed] Enhance minor UI issues
    • [Fixed] Crash issues
  • Version 15.41.1:
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes
  • Version 15.40.0:
    • [Added] Custom Tab Style
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed for Telegram Plugin
  • Version 15.30.0:
    • [Added] Add Gif2Sticker back
    • [Added] Optimize update flow
    • [Added] Option to disable profile ring in conversation list
    • [Added] Option to disable DND mode shorcut
    • [Added] Option to disable light /dark mode shorcut
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
  • Version 15.20.2:
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes
  • Version 15.20.0:
    • [Added] Telegram Plugin BETA (Pre-Register needed)
    • [Added] Restore entry while first launch
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
  • Version 15.10.0:
    • [Added] Option to exclude media in backup
    • [Fixed] Optimize memory usage and reduce OOM issues
  • Version 15.01.3:
    • [Fixed] Crash issues and other minor fixes
  • Version 15.01.0:
    • [Added] New animated stickers
    • [Fixed] Schedule message to broadcast
  • Version 15.00.0:
    • [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
    • [Fixed] Emoji missing issues
  • Version 14.21.0:
    • [Added] Status Read option (while hide view status is enabled)
    • [Fixed] Crash issues and other minor fixes
  • Version 14.20.2:
    • [Added] Icon for deleted status (while Anti-Delete Status option is enabled)
    • [Fixed] Crash issues and other minor fixes
  • Version 14.20.0:
    • [Added] Backup / Restore files to / from MEGA
    • [Added] Optimize backup / restore flow
    • [Added] Forward to broadcast
    • [Added] Message scheduler to broadcast
    • [Fixed] Launch time speed
    • [Fixed] Crash issues and other minor fixes
  • Version 14.10.1:
    • [Fixed] Minor bugs
  • Version 14.10.0:
    • [Added] Backup / Restore files to / from Dropbox
    • [Added] Notification bar while enable DND
    • [Added] Option to disable color phone
    • [Added] Minor UI optimizations
    • [Fixed] App Crash
  • Version 14.02.0:
    • [Added] Unlimited conversation pins (Home Screen Settings)
    • [Fixed] Dark mode color in back page
    • [Fixed] Some Crash
  • Version 14.00.0:
    • [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
    • [Enabled] Disappearing Messages
    • [Fixed] App Crash
  • Version 13.34.0:
    • [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
    • [Added] Option to disable self destructive message in settings
    • [Optimized] APK size reduced ~6%
    • [Fixed] Dark mode for setting page
  • Version 13.32.2:
    • [Added] Unlimited Pin
    • [Optimized] Update success rate
    • [Fixed] Crash while reading status
    • [Fixed] Update dialog bug
    • [Fixed] Minor bugs
  • Version 13.30.1:
    • [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
    • [Added] Option to disable self destructive message in settings
    • [Optimized] APK size reduced ~6%
    • [Fixed] Dark mode for setting page
    • [Fixed] Crash bugs fixing
  • Version 13.20.0:
    • [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
    • [Added] Support Smart Update : Save internet traffic while updating
    • [Added] More interesting status (Brazil Only)
    • [Fixed] Crash bugs fixing
  • Version 13.10.2:
    • [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
    • [Added] Message Scheduler
    • [Fixed] Fixed emoji missing issues
    • [Fixed] Irregular incorrect theme color
    • [Fixed] Fixed background of Hide Chats page
    • [Fixed] Dark mode / light mode settings
    • [Fixed] Incorrect share to contacts behavior
    • [Fixed] Display text of Message Scheduler in Dark Mode
    • [Fixed] Send Scheduled Message in Exact Time
  • Version 13.00.2:
    • [Fixed] Some crashes
  • Version 13.00.1:
    • [Fixed] Optimized App Update Flow
    • [Fixed] Some crashes
  • Version 13.00.0:
    • [Update] Update WhatsApp Base to 2.20.201
    • [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
    • [Fixed] Reduced ~60% Theme Store Launch Time
    • [Fixed] Reduced APK size
    • [Fixed] Blue double ticks while user read
  • Version 12.20.0:
    • [Update] Update WhatsApp Base to (Google Play)
    • [Added] Self destructive message
    • [Added] Stunning Dynamic Themes
    • [Fixed] Reduce ~10% APK size
    • [Fixed] Online Theme Store error
    • [Fixed] Optimized memory usage
    • [Fixed] Optimized update download speed
    • [Fixed] Invalid message tick status and color
    • [Fixed] Keep settings after app restart
    • [Fixed] Hide Chat button color
    • [Fixed] Menu item icons are not shown correctly
  • Version 12.10.0:
    • [Added] Custom launcher icon
    • [Added] Optimize theme store
    • [Fixed] Translation Feature
    • [Fixed] Fix crashes
  • Version 12.00.0:
    • Base: (Google Play)
  • Version 11.20.0:
    • Base: 2.20.189 (Google Play)
    • [Added] Download Profile Picture
    • [Added] Show ‘@’ in conversation while you are mentioned
    • [Added] User online history
    • [Fixed] App update mechanism
    • [Fixed] Fix crashes
    • [Fixed] Fix tick color
    • [Fixed] Text color in Hide Chat
  • Version 11.00.1:
    • Base: 2.20.189 (Google Play)
    • [Added] Home Page Header Style (in DIY Theme)
    • [Added] Home Page Bottom Style (in DIY Theme)
    • [Added] Chat Head Message Beta (Settings > Universal Settings > Others)
    • [Added] Online Status
    • [Added] Separate Chats / Groups (Settings > Home Screen)
    • [Added] Use my name as home Head (Settings > Home Screen)
    • [Added] Bottom navigation (Settings > Home Screen)
    • [Added] Dark mode shortcut
    • [Added] Icon for Anti-delete messages
    • [Added] More Status options (Settings > Universal Settings > Status)
    • [Fixed] Who can call me
    • [Fixed] Online Toast
    • [Fixed] APK Size
    • [Fixed] Dark theme in Android 10
    • [Fixed] Incorrect Theme color

Download WhatsApp PLUS 2021

To download WhatsApp PLUS 2021 with the com.whatsapp package, we only have this option, so for now we cannot install it as a secondary number, only as a primary number. Remember to backup your conversations before installing.

WhatsApp PLUS 17.40.0

Before installing, please note that an error may occur when installing, because if you have multiple backups, the oldest one may be installed, thus losing your conversations: you have to delete the old copies from a file manager. If you can’t or don’t want to, you can also go back to your original WhatsApp or other modification you had installed.

Download WhatsApp PLUS:

  • WhatsApp PLUS 17.40.0 Release > com.whatsapp
  • WhatsApp PLUS 16.00.0 Beta 1 > com.whatsapp


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