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WhatsApp Plus, also known as WhatsApp+ or even wasap plus, is the most popular WhatsApp Mods.
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July 16, 2024
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WhatsApp Plus APK 2024, also known as WhatsApp+ or even wasap plus, is possibly the most popular WhatsApp Mods of 2024, although this does not mean that it is the best. With constant updates, the application is introducing new functions that not even WhatsApp for Android has.

In this article we are going to discover all the features, in addition to teaching you its advantages and disadvantages, how it works, how to download WhatsApp PLUS and install the latest version or how to update it. Absolutely everything you need to know is here.

What is WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus APK 2024 is a modification of WhatsApp for Android, also known as WhatsApp Mods, to which new privacy, customization and extra functions are added that the official application does not have.

The origins of WhatsApp MODs are in the one developed by Rafalense, and it has nothing to do with another of the same name developed by Abu Saddam Rifai. The new WhatsApp+ is original, it is not based on Fouad WhatsApp, like most WhatsApp MODs today.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus APK

The advantages of this WhatsApp Plus APK are many, and it is that privacy functions are added with which we can do everything, such as become invisible, read without being seen, etc., in addition to being able to customize the application to the extreme with hundreds of options and even themes. Without forgetting the many extra functions that it has.

The drawbacks of using an application like this are obvious, and it is that we could be banned by WhatsApp, something that has not happened for years, even the application has an anti-ban function. Another drawback is that by not being on Google Play we could expose ourselves to possible viruses or malware, which has never happened either.


Below you will be able to discover the main features, such as its privacy and security, personalization and all its extra functions.

Privacy Features in WhatsApp Plus

This could be considered the most important section of the application, and it is that the options that it gives us to configure our privacy are really incredible. To be able to access them we have to go to “Menu button (3 vertical points in the upper right part)> WhatsApp Plus option> Privacy and Security”.

Here we want to give you some personal advice, and it is that although it is great, use the Enable Anti-Revoke function very carefully, better not use it, with which we can see the deleted states of our contacts, since WhatsApp could detect that you are doing “weird things” and ban your account.

The WhatsApp PLUS Privacy functions are:

  • Freeze Last Seen: Hide our status and we will not appear online.
  • Disable Forwarded: Allows you to forward messages without a forwarding label.
  • Who can call me?: Specify who can call us.
  • Hide view Status: Hides our visit to the states of our contacts.
  • Anti-Delete Status: We will be able to see the States eliminated by our contacts.
  • Anti-Delete Messages: We can see the messages deleted from our contacts.
  • Show blue ticks after reply: The ticks will only turn blue when we reply.

In this way we can configure our privacy in a general way, but we can also do it individually, for each contact or group. To do this, in the privacy option, click on Contacts, Groups or Broadcast:

  • Hide Blue Ticks: Hide the blue ticks of messages read from our contacts, we will see theirs.
  • Hide Second Tick: Hide the second message tick received from our contacts, we will see theirs.
  • Hide Blue Microphone: Hide the blue microphone from our contacts when listening to voice messages
  • Hide typing: Hide when we are writing a message.
  • Hide recording: Hide when we are recording a video.

Customize WhatsApp Plus APK

Undoubtedly another strong point of the application is the customization that we can apply to it, since we can customize every last detail of the chats, notifications, widgets and anything else, without forgetting the possibility of installing themes.

To customize, we go to “Menu button (3 vertical dots in the upper right part) > Plus Settings”, here we will find the customization settings, in Theme Store, Universal, Main screen and Conversation screen.

Within each customization option you will be able to see the different options that you can customize such as headers, chat panels, colors and other buttons. There are many and you can get a truly personalized application to your liking.

And of course, there is the possibility of downloading themes for WhatsApp Plus, there are hundreds, if not thousands, for this you must go to “Menu button> Plus Settings> Themes”. We will simply have to select the theme and click on APPLY.

Extra Features in WhatsApp Plus APK

If we go to “menu button > Plus Settings > Universal > Settings”, we can configure the limit of sending images, the quality of the images we send, the maximum quality of our States or being able to send original images.

We can also increase the time limit of videos in our State to 5 minutes (Menu > Plus Settings > Main screen > States), but these long states can only be seen in their entirety by those who also have WhatsApp Plus installed.

Another very interesting option is to block access by pin or pattern, to do this, from the home screen, we will click on WhatsApp (upper left corner) and choose the type of security we want.

Another interesting extra function that you will like is to leave the application without connection, but without turning off our internet connection. From the main screen you will see the airplane mode icon, with which you can disconnect your WhatsApp.

Other extra functions are to see the messages that we can highlight, send a message or call any number that we do not have in our agenda (menu button > Open WhatsApp) and trim the videos before sending it as a Status.

News WhatsApp PLUS 20.60

It must be said that WhatsApp PLUS APK updates are not very frequent, one every two months, which gives us an idea of how long we have to wait to download WhatsApp PLUS in its new version.

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK 2024 is version 20.60, whose complete list of new features is as follows:

  • Version 20.60:
    • [Base] WhatsApp base updated to version
    • [Added] Adding the new look to WhatsApp.
    • [Added] Updated icons and improvements to colors.
    • [Added] You can now set up favorite chats.
    • [Added] Add a keyboard feature to the call screen.
    • [Activated] All the features of the new version.
    • [Disabled] Bubbles are disabled in this version, we will add them later.
    • [Fixed] The problem of locking conversations on some devices.
    • [Fixed] Archived messages on some devices.
    • [Fixed] The colors in the call screen.
    • [Fixed] The crash when accessing blocked contacts.
    • [Fixed] the crash when entering conversations on some devices.
    • [Fixed] A crash when tethering on some devices.
    • [Fixed] The problem with the blue saucers appearing in ghost mode when you are in the conversation
    • [Fixed] Hide the reading plates on some devices.
    • [Fixed] Connection problem on some devices.
    • [Fixed] Many bugs.
    • [Improved] Anti-ban protection.
    • [Improvement] Device connectivity has been improved.
    • [Misc] More fixes and other improvements in WhatsApp Plus.
  • Version 20.25:
    • [Added] an increase in the video sending size.
    • [Added] increased sending volume of audio clips.
    • [Added] the option to send audio clips as a voice message or audio clips.
    • [Added] and delete for everyone at any time.
    • [Fixed] the crash when entering chat on some devices.
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements in WhatsApp Plus.
  • Version 20.19:
    • [Added] A new option has been added to download personal photos to the gallery.
    • [Added] Quick contact sidebar.
    • [Added] Navigation effects.
    • [Added] Filter chats.
    • [Fixed] Change the background color of tabs on the home screen.
    • [Fixed] Crash issue when notifying who viewed your status on some devices.
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements in WhatsApp Plus.
  • Version 20.15:
    • [Base] Updated to version — Play Store
    • [Anti-Ban] Disabled data collection by WA
    • [Changed] Convo Default Reactions (GBWA Settings > Conversation Screen)
    • [Added] Call Screen Background Color (GBWA Settings > Home > Calls)
    • [Added] Call Screen Text color option
    • [Added] Call Screen Icons color option
    • [Added] Notification Icon color option (GBWA Settings > Universal > Style)
    • [Added] You can post Status in linked device
    • [Added] See channels in linked device
    • [Unlocked] All features in Linked Devices
    • [Enabled] Search messages by date
    • [Enabled] New WhatsApp UI
    • [Enabled] Multiple Accounts on same devices
    • [Fixed] Light/Night mode option to GBWA Settings > Themes
    • [Fixed] Lots of bugs and Improvements
    • [Fixed] Quoted message colors not working
    • [Fixed] Crash in some phones
    • [Improved] related to app stability and performance.
    • [Misc] Important fixes and improvements in WhatsApp PLUS.

Install WhatsApp Plus APK

Now that you have the correct version of WhatsApp Plus APK that you want to install, to install it for the first time, delete the original WhatsApp for Android or the WhatsApp MODs that you have installed, but first make a copy of your chats!!!.

If you want to install WhatsApp as the main number for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Activate the Install from Unknown sources option. To do this from our Android device we go to Settings> Security> Unknown Sources (the location of this option will depend on the version of Android and the device you have)
  2. Make a backup of our chats from WhatsApp. To do this we go to Settings> Chats and click on SAVE.
  3. If you do not already have it activated, activate the installation of applications from unknown sources. To do this, and depending on the version of Android that your device has:
    • Android 4.1 to 7: Activate the option “Install from Unknown Sources” or “Unknown Sources”. It’s usually in Phone Settings > Security.
    • Android 8 or higher: Go to device Settings > Applications. Here we look for the application from where we are going to install the downloaded APK, any device administrator, and in advanced settings click on Install applications from unknown sources and activate the option. NOTE: Clicking on the APK to install also gives us the possibility to go to settings to activate this option.
  4. Uninstall WhatsApp for Android, or another WhatsApp Mod, from our device (do it from Google Play)
  5. Download WhatsApp PLUS APK
  6. Click on the downloaded APK and the installation of the application will begin.
  7. Click Accept and Continue (NOT Restore) and follow the normal installation steps.
  8. Verify number. Now you can restore the backup. Click on RESTORE.
  9. You already have WhatsApp PLUS APK installed!!!.

Update WhatsApp PLUS

Before updating WhatsApp Plus, we recommend that you make a backup (Settings> Chats> Backup), so you will never lose your conversations and be on the safe side.

Now we can download WhatsApp Plus APK -below we leave you the download links of the APK-, and install the APK in the normal way, without having to uninstall the application first.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK 2024

Here we leave you the updated links to the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK 2024, the new version 20.60. You can install the application as the main WhatsApp number or as a second, third and even fourth number, for which you will need either an extra SIM or virtual numbers.

Before installing the modification, we recommend that you go to “WhatsApp\BackUp” from a file manager and if you have more than one, delete the old backup copies that you may have, or you could not restore the correct one, in which case you will have to uninstall and reinstall or return to the WhatsApp you have installed.

Here are the links to download WhatsApp PLUS APK:

Download WhatsApp PLUS


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