Download WhatsApp Android 2.12.126 (beta version)

Finally comes a new update of WhatsApp for Android really interesting, very interesting. This is the new version 2.12.126, a new beta version with many new features, but we can not yet see them. The APK increases 109 KB, with 381 modified files and 63 files added, among which we find 13 new icons, which you can see in the screenshot below.

As you can see this new update of WhatsApp Android is preparing to save our conversations in the cloud, more specifically on Google Drive, all added files are associated with this service, such as “google_drive_setup_list_item.xml” or “google_drive_new_user_setup_dividir” among others .

WhatsApp Android 2.12.126

But here not just the news, which is that between the modified files we can see some really interesting, as those related to the flash of the camera, chat features, calling, location, etc., that is, it appears that the application is improving in all aspects. Finally the most curious file of all “ic_bluetooth.xml“, what is it that we can connect with our bluetooth on WhatsApp?.

WhatsApp Android 2.12.126 – News:

  • miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

WhatsApp for Android in its Public Beta version is available for free from the official website of the app.

Download | Official Website