Download WhatsApp Gold, the real mod

We can now download WhatsApp Gold, a modification of WhatsApp that plays with the gold colors in its user interface, and which has all the customization, privacy, and even extra features we could wish for. It is finally a true version, not the damn hoax that has been circulating on the Internet for so long.

It is actually a Gold edition of WhatsApp Ultra, created by its own developer Karam Lord, where it only changes the colors of the user interface, so we will have a great Gold style WhatsApp MODs with all the features that we can ask from this kind of applications.

WhatsApp Gold image

New WhatsApp Gold

As this is a modification in the customization of WhatsApp Ultra, we will not find great news, you can see the latest news of WhatsApp Ultra that are the same, although we will find some small news that has included its developer and has not yet included in the base version.

features of WhatsApp Gold

All the new features of WhatsApp Gold are:

  • Limited Time Edition
  • Double Gold Themes
  • Night Mode
  • All WhatsApp Ultra Mods

Download WhatsApp Gold

To download WhatsApp Gold, as with the modification it is based on, we will only find one package, the com.whatsapp package, so we can only install this MOD as our main WhatsApp account number.

Download WhatsApp Gold image

And remember, always before you install a modification on your Android device for the first time, make a local backup of your conversations, uninstall WhatsApp or the modification you have installed on the number you are going to install and activate the option to install applications from unknown sources.

Download WhatsApp Gold > com.whatsapp