WAPWhatsApp: New Version 16

WAPWhatsApp is, without a doubt, one of the best WhatsApp Mods we can install today, and after a long time in the shadows, it took more than 8 months without updating, just released a new version. It’s version 16, without big interesting news, but above all, it’s the return of a great modification.

The main novelty that we can find in this new version is its base, WhatsApp for Android version 2.18.300, so we can enjoy all the new features that this base brings, even hidden, such as stickers, slide to answer, video calls and group calls, PiP mode, etc …


Characteristics of WAPWhatsApp

WAPWhatsApp is an original WhatsApp Mod, that is, it is not based on any other modification, as is the case of WhatsApp Plus. It is based on privacy, so we will not find customization functions, besides sending files, where we can configure many parameters.


As we have already mentioned, it is based mainly on Privacy, where we can configure many privacy options, such as making ourselves invisible, hiding blue ticks, and many others. We can also configure different options in our States, such as the quality, size and length of the videos, or deactivate the limit on the size of images and videos to share, etc …

What’s new in WAPWhatsApp 16

As we have already mentioned, the main novelty of WAPWhatsApp 16 is its base, thus including all the functions, even hidden, that this brings, but also has added a new installation package with the font Google Sans and have removed some bugs from previous versions.

Apart from the bugs, we have also removed one of the best privacy options that it had, hopefully return in future updates, as was the possibility of showing blue ticks only if we respond. The complete official list of news is as follows:

  • Base updated to 2.18.300
  • “Blue tick after reply” removed (Might come back in future update)
  • PiP Works
  • Stickers added
  • New Variant introduced : Google Sans Font style
  • Other Bug Fixes

Download WAPWhatsApp 16

Remember, always before installing or updating a WhatsApp Mods, you must back up your conversations, whatever may happen. If you install WAPWhatsApp as your main number, com.whatsapp packages, you must first uninstall your WhatsApp or any modification you have installed.

There are 3 different packages: from the application, the com.whatsapp packages, to install as the main number, and the com.wap package, to install as an extra WhatsApp number. Here are the download links:

Download WAPWhatsApp 16 > Stock Package (com.whatsapp) | Stock Package con Sans Font (com.whatsapp) | Different Package Name(com.wap)