WhatsApp for Android adds new stickers

Just get a new update of the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, the new version 2.16.271, an update where the only apparent change we will see when editing a video or an image and want to add some stickers, now we can add 6 new stickers: a cigarette, a microphone, a syringe, a rocket, a loaf of bread or a bat.

Remind you to edit video and add text, stickers or freehand drawings have to record a video by tapping the camera icon that appears in the box to enter text. Once recorded can edit it. To edit images have to click on the icon below the camera, as if we were to take a photo, and click on any picture you have on the carousel, or also taking a new photograph.

whatsapp stickers

Internally must say that this beta version of WhatsApp for Android does not bring too many changes, and this time its installation file APK has increased 29 KB, which have been modified 112 files, of which 65 are icons, plus add 6 stickers.

How to download the Beta version of WhatsApp for Android

We remind you that this Beta version to download from Google Play before you have to become beta testers. It’s really simple, besides, we can stop being beta tester also very easily and receive updates only stable application. Please remember that if you want to become a beta tester of the application from Google Play, you have all the information here.

Remind you that the beta versions of the application are not exempt from errors, its installation can cause unexpected errors, even when installing the application will see messages that warn us, but as a rule the beta version of WhatsApp for Android never gives problems and we will have the latest news before than the stable version of Google Play.