WhatsApp for Android eliminates racial emoticons

A few days ago racial emojis were added to WhatsApp Android, in tis beta version, but today we have to say that they have been eliminated in the latest beta, version 2.12.173. This is an update without apparent changes, but with many changes internally and suppose that with enough bug fixes.

And this new beta version of WhatsApp for Android received a big change internally, its APK has been reduced by 175 KB, with 367 modified files, 81 deleted files and 95 files have been added, as “default_wallpaper.jpg”, “btn_gray_normal.9.png” and a multitude of icons, as you see in the image below.

WhatsApp Android 2.12.173

WhatsApp Android 2.12.173 – News:

  • miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

WhatsApp for Android in its Public Beta version is available for free from the official website of the app.

Download | Official Website