WhatsApp Web for Safari now available, but with restrictions

Other web browser that today joins to WhatsApp Web and is that from today WhatsApp Web is now available for Safari of OS X, certainly the worst option we have for using this service because users will have some limitations to use the instant messaging service on the computer, something that does not occur in other browsers as Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

As we mentioned before, use WhatsApp Web with Safari is not what we expected, because we can not use all the functions that we can use in other web browsers, like send voice messages or take pictures with the camera of your Mac, so we can only send text messages and images that already have stored previously on our Mac.

WhatsApp Web for Safari

WhatsApp Web for iPhone

Moreover, we still have no news of WhatsApp Web for iPhone, but as we discussed here, we not have to wait long for the service reach all iphone users, in the Beta version which today has been updated to version, even if you have done the jailbreak on your iPhone you can also use it, you can see it here.

So it seems that finally WhatsApp got solve the problems that prevented use WhatsApp Web for iPhone, although we still have to know how they have succeeded, and if this new way of communicating with the computer will extend to other platforms, and most importantly, when?