YcWhatsApp, another great WhatsApp MODS, is updated to version 3.50

If you are one of those who likes to experience new things on your mobile, then YcWhatsApp is just what you are looking for, and if in the previous version of the application we could still find some annoying errors, with the new version 3.50 the application starts to work really well.

To be honest, this is one of the WhatsApp MODs that I like the most, especially in the steps that are being taken in its development, improving it by leaps and bounds, and taking the essence of the Mod on which it is based, WAMOD, whose development was cancelled prematurely by its developer.

image YcWhatsApp

What’s new in YcWhatsApp

There are many new features in this new YcWhatsApp update, but they include new privacy options that will make us completely invisible to other users while browsing WhatsApp chats. Also, don’t forget the possibility of downloading the States, sending audio or video files of unlimited size, etc….


What’s new with YcWhatsApp version 3.50

    • [Exclusive] Increased Character limit to 9999 instead of 139!
    • [Exclusive] Make Full Invisibe!
    • [Added] Privacy
    • [Added] Option to Download Story!
    • [Added] Option to Disable Message Counter
    • [Added] Hide Contact Name
    • [Added] Swipe Right to Left to Exit Chat!
    • [Added] Bubbles,Ticks,Notify Icons
    • [Added] Choose Launcher Icons
    • [Added] Anti-Expiry
    • [Added] Contact Online Toast!
    • [Added] Send Audio in Unlimited Size!
    • [Added] Send Video in Unlimited Size!
    • [Added] Upload Story in Unlimited Minutes instead of 30 Seconds
    • [Added] Make Text Selectable!
    • [Added] inApp Update!
    • [Added] Android O Emoji’s!
    • [Added] Centered ActionBar By Default!

Desownload YcWhatsApp | YCWA 3.50

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