Baby WhatsApp has just been updated to version 9.0

Baby WhatsApp has been updated to the new version 9.0, an update with important new features, especially regarding the base, which has been updated. Without a doubt a WhatsApp Mini MOD indicated for those who do not want personalization and are looking for privacy and some extra features to be able to use.

In Baby WhatsApp we can find all the privacy options imaginable, or almost all, which we can apply individually to chats or groups. In addition, it also has extra multimedia options and other extra features, such as sending a message to a contact that we do not have in our phone book.

Baby WhatsApp image

What’s new in Version 9.0

The mini modifications of WhatsApp do not usually have big lists of new features, as you can see in WhatsApp GO, and this modification is no exception, although sometimes its new features can be very interesting, especially with base changes and some new extra functions, as has happened on this occasion.

Baby WhatsApp 9.0

The list of what’s new in Baby WhatsApp 9.0 is as follows

  • Version 9.0:
    • Base Updated to
    • Fix Some Bugs
  • Version 8.0:
    • Base Updated to
    • Fix Some Bugs
  • Version 7.0:
    • Base Updated to
    • Fix Some Bugs
  • Version 6.0:
    • Base Updated to
    • Fix Some Bugs
  • Version 5.0:
    • Base Updated to version
    • Fixed Anti revoke and icon
    • Fix Some Bugs
  • Version 4.0:
    • Base updated to version
    • DND mode (it seems that in this version it doesn’t work properly)
    • Fixed some bugs

Download Baby WhatsApp 9.0

To install this modification for the first time we have to make a backup of our chats, then we delete the WhatsApp or modifications that we have installed and activate the option to install from unknown sources from our device. Now we can install and restore the chats from the modification.

There is only one package to download Baby WhatsApp, the com.whatsapp package, so we can only install it as our main WhatsApp account number. We may add new packages to install it as a secondary or extra number in future updates.

Download Baby WhatsApp > com.whatsapp