CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0: Now available for download

We can now download CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0, the latest version of what is possibly the best Mini MOD. It is a very interesting update, where its developer has been able to complete the modification and make us not miss anything.

One of the most important new features we can find in this new update is its new base, version 2.20.189 of WhatsApp for Android, with which we will be able to make calls and video calls of up to 8 participants, among other improvements.

CooCoo WhatsApp


In addition to the new base, this update brings many other new features, such as sending messages to a number that we do not have in our agenda, sending higher quality photos, much longer states, and many other new features that you can read below.

Here you can see the complete list of new features of CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0:

  • Version 5.1.0:
    • [New Base] Updated to 2.20.189
    • [Added] Urdu and Turkish
    • [Fixed] Restart in Android 10
  • Version 4.7.0:
    • [Added] About Page
    • [Fixed] Remove annoying theme images in gallery
    • [Fixed] Multiple Crash Fixed
    • [Fixed] Some UI issues
    • [Fixed] Fixed bug about Arabic
  • Version 4.6.0:
    • Base 2.20.140
    • [New] Arabic language added
    • [New] Added 6 video call stickers, you can cover your whole face now!
    • [New] Hide chat
    • [New] Gif to animated sticker
    • [New] Official website support unclone package
    • [New] DND mode, to solve frequent message interference
    • [New] Click on the cc.theme file in the chat to directly enter the theme preview
    • [Fixed] bug that the custom theme failed to select local pictures
    • [Fixed] bug of DND ICON adaptating theme
    • [Fixed] bug of get friend’s location
    • [Fixed] bug of status splitter
    • [Fixed] some bugs of theme
    • [Fixed] bug start from the right-aligned interface such as Arabic
    • [Fixed] the color matching problem of positioning function icon
    • [Fixed] some bugs in Android 10

CooCoo WhatsApp 4.1.0

Download CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0

To download CooCoo WhatsApp we have only two packages, com.cocowhatsapp, and com.whatsapp, package that we can use it to install it as a main number, simply, when choosing the backup, choose WhatsApp Backup, although if you later uninstall it it will not be worth the new backup for the main number.

Remember that to install this WhatsApp MODs you must first make a backup of your conversations and delete any other different WhatsApp MODs or the original WhatsApp. If you already have it installed, you should not delete anything and install the same package.

Download CooCoo WhatsApp > com.whatsapp | com.cocowhatsapp

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