Download WhatsApp Android 2.12.166 (beta version)

New update of WhatsApp Android, in its beta version, which is updated to version 2.12.166 without major apparent changes or official list of new features, but as in the previous update, with many modified files. They have also fixeed some bugs of previous versions, such as sending racial emojis, among others.

The really interesting thing about this new update of WhatsApp for Android comes “inside”, and it seems that you are working on optimizing the size of the application, since its APK decreases again, this time to 13 KB from the previous version beta, with 354 modified files, 4 new files and 12 deleted files. Among the deleted files are 3 types of icons relating to small buttons like “anim_backup_dot_grey.png” and a new icon divided into 4 directories, it is “ill_restore_success_checkmark.png”.

WhatsApp Android 2.12.166

WhatsApp Android 2.12.166 – News:

  • miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

WhatsApp for Android in its Public Beta version is available for free from the official website of the app.

Download | Official Website

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  1. Whatsapp 2.12.166 version on my Samsung Note3 N9005 Touchwiz stock device misses the ability to show up the red bubble of unread messages on app icon.
    On the same device, previous versions before 2.12.158 the red bubble showed up fine.
    Anyone experienced the same issue?


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