KLWhatsApp X debuts with version 1.00

KLWhatsApp X makes its debut in the world of WhatsApp Mods with version 1.00. We could say that it is a WhatsApp Mod Mini, that is, a trimmed modification, where customization has been eliminated and Privacy has been deepened.

This first version of KLWhatsApp X has been built on WhatsApp for Android number 2.18.320, so we will find the main functions recently released by WhatsApp, such as Stickers, group calls or the useful function to answer a message by sliding it to the right.

KLWhatsApp X image

KLWhatsApp X – Features

In addition to having all the options imaginable Privacy, we can even configure chat to chat individually, also has two very interesting options, and is that we can send a message to a number without having to add it to the agenda (menu > New Chating) and the ability to configure the main screen as the Original WhatsApp or leave it as it is, with the options of Chats, States and Calls below.

KLWhatsApp X - Features

All the features of this first version of KLWhatsApp X are as follows:

  • New Base Updated to 2.18.320
  • [Exclusive] added klmods ui style
  • added option to status download
  • added Privacy options
  • added Hide last seen
  • added Hide status view
  • added Anti-Revoke
  • added Hide read status
  • added Hide play status
  • added Hide recording status
  • added Hide typing status
  • added Custom Privacy
  • added option to open new chatting with unknown number
  • added option to make options default mod

Download KLWhatsApp X

For now we can only install KLWhatsApp X as the main number of our WhatsApp account, since the application only has the com.whatsapp package. See if your developer continues with the project and adds new packages to install as an extra number.

Download KLWhatsApp X

The first thing you need to do is to back up your chats on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Mods that you have installed as your main number. Then remove the WhatsApp or the modification you have and install the application.

Download KLWhatsApp XKLWAX (com.whatsapp)

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