WhatsApp for Android enables Storage Usage

Today we have a new beta version of WhatsApp for Androidversion 2.17.339, with a long awaited novelty, and that is that we can now manage the Storage usage. In this way we can manage the data of each chat that we have active, being able to view and delete text messages, locations, contacts, images or multimedia files.

Without a doubt, this is a really useful feature, with which we can save space on our mobile phone, and that is that, as you can see in the screenshots, when you enter the use of storage,”Storage usage”, we can see the space that occupies us each of our chats. If we click on any of these chats then a new window of possibilities to manage the stored data opens.

whatsapp android

How Using WhatsApp Storage Usage for Android Works

To access the “Storage Usage”, go to “Settings > “Data and Storage Usage > Storage usage”. In the screen of the storage usage of each chat we can see the number of text messages, contacts, locations, images, Gifs, videos, audio and documents, giving us the possibility to delete what we want if we click on the option “Manage messages” at the bottom of the screen.

whatsapp for android

Simply deselect what you want to save and leave selected what you want to delete and click on the option “Clear messages”, which will show us the space we will save when deleting that data.

WhatsApp for Android Internal Changes in WhatsApp

Internally, this new beta version of WhatsApp Android comes with some changes in its APK installation file, and despite increasing its size by only 50 KB, 267 files have been modified, in addition to adding a new file related to Storage Use,”storage_usage_loading_header. xml”. The file “storage_usage_loading_footer. xml”has also been deleted.

We remind you that to download this Beta version from Google Play before you have to convert into beta testers.