WhatsApp for Android is now able to detect suspicious links

WhatsApp for Android Beta is updated to the new version 2.18.206 and is now available to all owners of Android smartphones that have joined the program Google Play Beta, with a very interesting new feature that will save us some problems, in addition to avoiding the damned spam.

The new feature is the ability to detect suspicious links within received messages, which is obviously still limited to the beta version of the application as it still needs to be implemented by developers. Let’s see in detail what it is and how it works.

Detecting suspicious links in WhatsApp: how it works

Designed to limit spam, “suspicious link detection” will allow users to more easily and quickly identify links to potentially dangerous URLs: once a link message is received, WhatsApp will scan it to make sure it is not dangerous to the security of our device. To ensure maximum privacy for users, WhatsApp will only analyze the link locally and therefore will not send any confidential data to the servers.

detect suspicious links

If the message is considered potentially dangerous, WhatsApp will add a red label with the expression “suspicious link”. In this case we have a double option: delete the message containing the link or open it anyway after (re)confirming to the application our intention to access it.

whatsapp detect suspicious links

The functionality is very useful, especially considering the increasing popularity of the application and the consequent presence of dangerous links circulating on the instant messaging platform.

We remind you that to download this Beta version from Google Play before you have to convert into beta testers. If you are not yet a beta tester, you will no longer be able to be a beta tester, so if you want to try this new feature you must download the APK of the application by other means, we leave a download link: APK Mirror.