WhatsApp for Android is updated with many new features

Now we can download the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, specifically it is the new version 2.17.266, an update that comes with many news to comment for what we are accustomed, and some visible to all, for which we are not accustomed. Perhaps the most important are your internal changes, which we discuss later.

The novelty that we can see all the users that install this new beta is that now new icons appear to format text in the upper right. To use them, simply typing text in a chat, you can tap and hold to select the text to easily bold, strikethrough, or italicize it. The emojis search has also been activated for everyone.

new icons appear to format text

Internal changes in WhatsApp for Android 2.17.266

At the internal level we must also highlight several changes introduced in this new version of WhatsApp for Android, and is that the installation file has increased its size by 773 KB, with 490 files modified and 5 files added, the new 4 icons for formatting of text and the new opus library, main cause of the increase of size of the installation file.

The opus library gives us an idea of what might come in the future, and is that the Opus codec is designed for interactive speech and audio transmission over the Internet, being able to handle a wide range of interactive audio applications, including Voice over IP, videoconferencing, in-game chat, and even remote live music performances. It can scale from low bit-rate narrowband speech to very high quality stereo music.. It seems that we will have a considerable improvement in this aspect !!!.

We remind you that to download this Beta version from Google Play before you have to convert into beta testers.